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Biography For Tiger Woods Essay

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Eldrick (Tiger) Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California to Earl and Kultida Woods. He was the only child from this particular marriage but had two half-brothers and one half-sister from his parents’ previous marriages. Tiger is a combination of a few different ethnicities (Caucasian, American Indian, Black, and Asian). He labels himself as “Cablinasian“. His father introduced him to golf at the age of 2, and from this early age, he was recognized as a golf prodigy. Tiger appeared on the Mike Douglas Show to showcase his skills in 1978 and progressed in the sport of golf as his father tutored him. He won the 9-10 age group at age 8 in 1982 for the Junior World Golf Championships, and won this tournament an overall amount of six times. He won many tournaments at a young age, some of which include the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship, and the U.S. Amateur Championship. Even at this early in Tiger’s career, it was obvious that he would become a great golf legend later in life.
In August of 1996, Tiger became a professional golfer. In April of 1997, he won his first major, The Masters. This win would be the first of many successes for Woods. That same year, he won three PGA Tour Events and ascended to the No 1 position in the Official World Golf Rankings. He was the fastest golfer to ever obtain the No. 1 rank, doing so in 42 weeks. This achievement alone shows how incredibly skillful Tiger was and still is in the sport of golf. Other titles he won in 1997 included PGA Player of the Year and the youngest golfer to win the Masters. For the next year and a half, Tiger seemed to not play as well as he previously had been playing. So, he started working on his form and swing with his coach, Butch Harmon.
Woods’ hard work with his coach seemed to pay off, because in June 1999, Woods began an amazing streak of PGA and majors wins. That year he had 8 wins. This had not been achieved in over 25 years by another professional golfer. In 2000, Woods performed even more remarkably than he had been. His scoring average was 68.17 and he also took the Triple Crown of Golf Title, which is winning the U.S., British, and Canadian Opens all in one year. He was also named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year for the second time, the only athlete ever to have done so. He also won the Masters Tournament in 2001, and was the only person to hold all 4 championship titles at once. This feat became known as the “Tiger Slam”.
Tiger Woods began to lose his edge as he had previously over the next 2 years of his career. He lost his place as No. 1 in the Official World rankings. Because of the form of Tiger’s swing, injuries occurred in his left knee. He had surgery to repair these injuries, and again he worked with his coach...

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