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JohnJohn was a son of Zebedee and Salome, who was a sister of Mary the mother of Jesus. He grew up in Galilee and worked with his brother James, Andrew, and Peter as fishermen. He and his companion Andrew were disciples of John the Baptist and that is how they met Jesus.When he was called to follow Jesus to become a fisher of men, he and his fishing partners quit fishing, and became Jesus' disciples. He followed Jesus through his early ministry along with eleven other disciples. He was said to be the youngest out of all the disciples. He owned a house in Jerusalem; this is probably where Jesus talked to Nicodemus.John and his brother were present when Jesus healed the fever-ridden mother-in-law of Peter. When Jesus raised Jairus' daughter from the dead, John was there with Peter and Andrew. He was at Jesus' Transfiguration along with Peter and Andrew.On the way to Jerusalem, James and John became angry at the hostility of a Samaritan village and called down fire on it. When they saw a man, who wasn't following Jesus like them, casting out demons, they rebuked him. They had a temper and were known as the "sons of thunder." John and James deserve the displeasure of the other apostles when they asked Jesus, "Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in your glory."John and Peter were told to prepare a place for eating the Passover meal. He sat beside Jesus at the Passover meal. Later on that night, Peter, James and John went a little farther into the Garden of Gethsemane, while Jesus prayed to his Father in Heaven. After Jesus was arrested, Peter and John went to the court, because John new the high priest. At the crucifixion, Jesus told John to take Mary as his mother and Mary to take John as her son. John went with Peter to Jesus' tomb, which was empty except for the grave clothes. He saw and believed that Jesus had risen from the dead. At the Sea of Tiberias he recognized that it was Jesus walking along the shore, when they were fishing.John was with Peter, when they healed the lame man at the temple gate. Peter and John are jailed by the Sanhedrin, and released after being admonished to no longer teach about Jesus. He also went with Peter to instruct the new converts on the Holy Spirit in Samaria. He was again seized by the Jews, with the rest of the apostles, and scourged; but they went from the council rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus. Peter, James, and John are known as the "pillars" of the Church. He is also known as the disciple Jesus loved.John lived a long time after the start of the Christianity era, according to his gospel. He played a huge part in the Christian church. He moved to Ephesus just before the destruction of Jerusalem. He became pastor there and sent out letters to the Seven Churches in Asia, about which he writes in Revelation. His brother James is the first of the Apostles to be martyred.Domitian was anxious to be rid of John, and he had him brought in chains from...

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