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Lord Byron, formerly known as George Gordon Noel Byron before inheriting his title, was the most fashionable poet in the early 1800s, decorated for his emphasis on romanticism (“Lord Byron (George Gordon)”). His “fame as a poet and his notoriety as a man were one; the scandals of his life – whoring, marriage, adultery, incest, sodomy – became the text or subtext of his poems” (Eisler 4). Byron was born January 22, 1788 in London (“George Gordon Byron”), to parents Captain John Byron and Catherine Gordon (“Lord George Gordon Byron”). The poet died on April 19, 1824, at age thirty-six, of a high fever in Missolonghi, Greece. This was during the Greeks conflict with the Ottoman, in which he sailed to Greece to aid in (“Lord Byron (George Gordon)”). Overall, Byron lived a flamboyant, yet short life, considering the obstacles in his early life, the development of his exceeded career, his personal affairs, up to his late life and sudden death. After all his life pursuits, Byron even managed a flourished career after death.
Byron was faced with insecurity, self-pertained obstacles, and in addition, given high authority at a young age, during his toddler to teen years. Before he was even born, he lost his father. Captain John Byron, often referred to as John “Mad Jack” Byron, was in childhood, a depressed debauchee, whose background in poverty made him bitter and greedy (Jeaffreson 31). Captain Byron was in a hurry to abandon his family after he had achieved his goals of consuming all of his wife’s inheritance. Before the birth of his son was to occur, he fled to France. However, he died in 1791, when Byron was three, and Byron was forced to grow up in a single parent household, without a father figure (“Lord Byron” 269). In 1789, Byron moved to Aberdeen, Scotland with his mother Catherine. She raised him in an unstable environment. Due to her raging emotions, it was filled with over excessive gentleness, sudden tempers, violent outbursts, and her insensitive comments. In addition, Byron was born with a clubbed right foot, of which his mother mocked. This led to an isolated and unhappy childhood. However, Byron was able to escape his troubles when he developed a love for the Bible (of which he carried with him throughout his life) and an interest in the ideas of naturally occurred evils and the fate of salvation (“Lord Byron” 270). In 1798, at age ten, he inherited his family’s English title and became the sixth “Baron Byron of Rochdale,” after his great-uncle had passed (Shilstone 748). The estate, Newstead Abbey, to which he owned, was utterly run down because his family lacked the assets to maintain the proper care for it (“George Gordon Byron”). Newstead was a ruin and its only livable rooms were vacated of any furniture (Jeaffreson 24). In relation to his family affairs, he had distanced himself from his mother, but had grown close to his cousin Margaret Parker, and developed a longing for her. When she died in 1802, he wrote...

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