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Biography Of Abraham Lincoln: The Real Lincoln By Thomas J. Di Lorenzo

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DiLorenzo, Thomas J. The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an
Unnessecary War. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press, 2002.

Abraham Lincoln was elected as sixteenth president of the United States of America in 1861 and served until his assassination in 1865. He is viewed as a popular political figure and is known as the “Great Emancipator” for his role in freeing the slaves during the 1860s (Columbia University Press 2013, 1). He delivered the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 that declared “all persons held as slaves within the rebellious states are, and henceforth shall remain free” (Columbia University Press 2013, 1). Although the Proclamation made Lincoln seem like a hero, others would soon realize that the proclamation was a war tactic and in reality did not put an end to slavery. In The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, the reader will discover facts about President Lincoln that are not told in the average history book. Within the chapters of DiLorenzo’s book, he explains Lincoln’s true view on slavery, reasons for his political success, and why Lincoln encouraged war between the North and the South.
The first chapter of this book is simply an introduction. It gives an overview of each chapter and helps the reader prepare for what to expect. Throughout the entire book, Thomas J. DiLorenzo explores the Lincoln presidency and his traits and accomplishments that are popular to the world. He reveals the truths behind these common myths that have been researched by many over the years. Chapter two expresses the uncertainties about how Lincoln truly felt about racial equality. Lincoln is often referred to as the “Great Emancipator” for freeing the slaves, but some researchers think that he does not really deserve this name (256). President Lincoln used the Emancipation Proclamation as a scheme to keep the Southern slave states apart of the Union (Columbia University Press 2013, 1). Before running for President, Abraham Lincoln worked as a lawyer for several years. During his time as a lawyer, he defended a slave owner whose slaves ran away and he demanded that they return (15). Lincoln fought hard for the slave owner’s request but was denied in court. Lincoln has also been quoted several times saying that he opposed racial equality (11). In a 1858 debate in Ottawa. Illinois, Abraham Lincoln is quoted giving a statement to Senator Stephen Douglas that makes clear that he views white as better than blacks (11). Lincoln said. “I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races. There is a physical difference between the two, which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality; and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity that there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior...

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1722 words - 7 pages -tyrant-hypocrite-or-consummate-statesman.htm/4>. Bennett, Lerone. Forced into glory: Abraham Lincoln's white dream. Chicago: Johnson Pub. Co., 2000. Print. DiLorenzo, Thomas J.. The real Lincoln: a new look at Abraham Lincoln, his agenda, and an unnecessary war. Roseville, Calif.: Prima, 2002. Print. DiLorenzo, Thomas J.. Lincoln unmasked: what you're not supposed to know about dishonest Abe. New York: Crown Forum, 2006. Print. "The Collected

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