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Biography Of Alexander Hamilton Essay

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Alexander Hamilton once said, "May God give you wisdom to see what is your true interest, and inspire you with becoming zeal for the cause of virtue and mankind.” Hamilton was a determined man, which is evident from this quote. He was born into a poor family that did not have many chances, but Hamilton made the most of what he had and persevered. Hamilton was a well-educated man that played a large role in what the United States of America is today; he participated largely in the Revolutionary War, the writing of the U.S Constitution, electing the first president, solving America’s debt crisis, as well as many more things that shaped the future of a young up and coming nation.
Alexander Hamilton was born into a poor family that was not very privileged. In his adolescent age his fathers company failed and he had to file for bankruptcy. Hamilton was forced to take a different route from going to school to working to help the family survive. Although he wasn’t given an opportunity for regular schooling, his family and friends help him learn as he worked to help his family pay its bills. He was an exceedingly smart kid and was able to learn a lot through hard work. His smarts played a key role in the way his life panned out. He then wrote an article for the Royal Danish-American Gazette on a tragic hurricane in 1772. It impressed many people and once the news came out that young Alexander Hamilton, at the age of fifteen, wrote the article a group of readers, as well as family and friends, decided to sponsor his schooling. Hamilton thought of the idea of the article from a sermon he heard from a Presbyterian minister that compelled him. It is evident from a letter he wrote, which was addressed to his friend, about how he wanted to increase his chances to become something great. The sponsorship was just what he needed to start a life of success.
Hamilton eventually moved on to attend King’s College, which is present day Columbia University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in arts in just a single year at King’s College. While at King’s College Hamilton was exposed to many different patriotic views and uprisings, he then published an anonymous article which supported the patriot cause, which meant to rebel against Great Britain for an independent country. This was the first time of many that Hamilton would get involved in politics.
Hamilton decided to move on out of college and into an artillery education to join the military. He joined an artillery section of the army and fought hard, as well as demonstrating acts of courage and strategy that caused great recognition among authorities. General McDougall, a high-ranking official in the military, recommended Hamilton as the “Captain of the Provincial Company of Artillery.” Hamilton would then get the job and take the job very seriously. He was considered one of the best captains around as a leader and a friend. He lead his artillery troops to battle with courage, cared for the soldiers off the field,...

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