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Biography Of Anne Frank Essay

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Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank was born on June 12 1929 in Frankfurt, Weimar in Germany. She was the daughter of Otto Frank (1889-1980) and Edith Frank Hollander (1900-1945). She also had a sister, named Margot (1926-1945), who was three years older then her. Anne Frank was Jewish and became one of the million victims of the Holocaust. Anne Frank claims her fame by writing a diary Diary of Anne Frank that got published after she died. In that diary she expressed her hopes, fears, feelings and thoughts, she had during the Nazi persecution and World War II.

Anne Frank lived in Frankfurt until on March 13 1933 Adolf Hitler won the election and became chancellor. After the Nazis took control over Germany, the Frank family began to fear that they were not safe anymore. So they decided to go to Aachen, where Edith’s mother lived. Otto Frank stayed in Frankfurt and later he got an offer to become an important part of a business in Amsterdam, Netherland. So he moved there and organized for the rest of the family to come. Even with all the changes that had been going on it was hard for the family to leave Germany because it was their home.

In the fall of 1933 the rest of the Franks arrived in Amsterdam.

Meanwhile, Otto helped build up the business and Margot and Anne started their school life at the Montessori School where they found Jewish and also non-Jewish friends. The sisters lived a happy and normal childhood for the rest of the 30’s. But everything changed on May 10 in 1940 when Germany attacked the Netherlands and succeeded. Anne wrote in her diary:

“After May 1940, the good times were few and far between; first there was war, then the capitulation and then the arrival of the German. Which is when the trouble started for the Jews.”

And she was right with her entry, after the Nazis gained control, they established the same anti-Jewish laws as in Germany, like there weren’t allowed to sit on a park branch or use public transportation. Also all Jewish people had to wear the yellow Star of David on their cloths at all time. Those laws were also responsible for Anne and Margot transferring to a Jewish Lyceum (school) and leaving many of their friends behind.

Once again the Franks were able to see that they needed to escape, but since all the borders were closed, they had to stay in the Netherlands. The decision to leave their home was prompted by a notice letter from Central Office for Jewish Emigration that said they wanted Margot to go to a work camp. They started their trip to Otto’s work building because they planned on staying in room behind it. Since the Jews weren’t allowed to use public transportation, they walked all the way. To avoid carrying a lot of luggage or just get suspicious looks, they wore a couple of layers of cloths, which didn’t make the journey pleasant. After three days they finally arrived at the Secret Annex, what Anne liked to call it. Seven days later Otto’s business partner and friend Hermann van Pels and his family...

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