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Biography Of Avril Lavigne Essay

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Avril Lavigne is one of the best female singer-songwriters to break through in the 20th century. At such a young age of seventeen, she was able to accomplish her dream as becoming a famous singer. Avril Lavigne has been a big influence to the world of rock music as we know it today, specifically in the female area. Although Avril Lavigne wanted to pursue a career in the country world, she ended up sounding mostly pop rock and pop punk to help her break out faster. My artist, Avril Lavigne, plays pop rock and pop punk that is rooted in both pop and punk.
On, it states that Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario but spent most of her childhood growing up in Napanee, ...view middle of the document...

I think the reason she has moved this way is to keep up with the era and to stay famous. My generation has become mostly fond of the pop genre, which makes it very difficult for artists to maintain their roots. Recently Avril Lavigne has released a song called “Rock ‘N Roll,” which I believe confirms how she feels about being called pop. Song lyrics that can be found in this song are such as: “Don’t care about a reputation, must be living in the wrong generation”, “Just put a middle finger to the sky, let’em know we’re still rock ‘n roll”, and “ I don’t care about my make-up, I like it better when my jeans are all ripped up”. These lyrics show her rebellious punk rock attitude, which is what she would prefer. She wants the world to know that rock ‘n roll is not dead and is trying to confirm that in her music video.
Avril Lavigne is heavily rooted in both punk and pop, which can be found in early historical rock music. Her song lyrics contain powerful messages that most adolescents or teenagers can relate to. Avril Lavigne’s style of music changes based on what song you are listening to. Her image is mostly punk, or as she would say “Punk-Princess”, in contrast to the colorful array of clothing that the hippies wore in the 1960’s. Punk artists typically lean more towards outfits that are almost entirely black. Items most commonly found in this style of music are things such as tight leather pants or short leather skirts, ragged-edged pants or shirts, and safety pins/dog collars (emblems/signs seen on many punk album artwork). Punk artists also heavily use black eyeliner, have spiked or disorganized hairstyles, and lots of piercings. Many of these punk styles can be seen in both the Ramone’s and Avril Lavigne’s album work or music videos. She has mostly upbeat and emotional, sincere songs like the Ramones. Although she has a...

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