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Biography Of Charles Taylor: The Forgotten Man Who Created An Engine For The Wright Brothers

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Jo Gideon
Charles Taylor

Charles Edward Taylor, which was his full name, was born in 1868, and the location was Decatur, IL. Sometime around 1892 Charles met a lady named Henrietta (Etta) Webbert, shortly after they met he asked her to marry him. Henrietta had an uncle named Charles Webbert who owned a building that later the Wright brothers would rent from Henrietta’s family. By this time Charles Taylor had already been working on farm equipment, small engines, and bicycles. All these little details in Charles’ life would add up to him becoming the first AMT.
About six years later, Charles would open a machine shop doing repair work, bicycle repair, and small tool work. Within the next twelve months he took a job change working for Dayton Electric Company, and sold his small business. Around the same time, the Wright brothers were investing a lot of time fixing early aviation problems, so they needed an extra hand to fix their bicycles so they could spend their time fixing their flight machines. Charles saw that the Wright brothers had a job posting at the bicycle shop so he applied for the position. Later he took the job with the Wright brothers because his pay at the electric company was low, and the brothers offered him $18 a week, which figured up to about .30 cents an hour.
For the first several years that Charles worked at the bike shop, he only did bike maintenance and handling customer relations. While the Wright brothers were working on their glider concept, they wanted to start testing aerodynamics, so they asked Charles to help them build a small wind tunnel. After that project was complete, Charles remained only doing small bike maintenance for 8 years. Until, the Wrights decided to build their own 4 cylinder engine. Without doing any layouts or real ideas, they drew up small...

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