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Biography Of Claude Monet Essay

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Claude Monet’s (1840 - 1926) Impression: Sunrise (Musée Marmottan, Paris) 48 x 63 cm, oil on canvas painting was created inside his bedroom in the late nineteenth century in 1872. This painting illustrates the view of the harbor at Le Havre in north western-France at the break of dawn.
Monet incorporates a contrast between warm and cool colors as well as complementary colors to construct this composition. The painting is predominated with different hues of blue with soft blends of gray and sudden dabs of red-orange in the sun and sky, which gives off a feeling of warmth as the sun gradually rises over the hills in the background. The two complementary colors appear to intensify each other, ...view middle of the document...

It suggests rhythm since it falls under the dynamics of active rotation, which the image has. The boat also unites in with the hills, however, it is still clear that they are in the surface of the water due to the use of lighter values around the bottom of the vessels. Furthermore, the sun lights up the sky on the left of the painting while the masts of the boats are stretched upwards. The boats on the right seem to be casted in a fog, which emphasis the slight change in value around the boat. Moreover, Monet uses two kinds of perspective for this painting. He uses atmospheric perspective on the three boats. He also arranges the three boats in the foreground on a single perspective line, which intersects the vertical line created by the sun and the reflection of the sunlight on the water. He uses this technique to pull his viewers further into the painting as well as giving a sense of perspective and depth to the scene. The many lines in the water and ships outlined in this painting suggest a rotational movement. The indistinct horizontal line by the ships in the background and the raked lines of the clouds lead the eye about two-thirds above from the bottom point on the left side. The eye then travels upward and back around to the sun. The varying thickness of paint with strokes and dabs adds a textural element to his painting. The firmly applied brush strokes on the boat appear...

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