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Deborah Sampson was born in Plympton, Massachusetts Dec. 17, 1760. She was very poor growing up soon her father deserted their family to go out to sea then she found out he died in a ship wreck. She was an indentured servant for over six years before she became a teacher. Later in her life she became a teacher she did not like how woman were being treated so she dressed up like a man and joined the army she was in the 4th Massachusetts regiment in 1782. She hid her leg wound so doctors could not discover she was a woman and take her out of the army. Then later on she was discovered about being a woman to the other part of her army after she was wounded in a meet with the British soldiers near Tarrytown, N.Y then she was discharged from the army in 1783. Assuming the name of Robert Shurtleff and wearing men clothes she joined the 4th Massachusetts regiment in 1782. The day she arrived in Bellingham the place where they recruit soldiers Sampson went straight to the recruiting office. She was also under the command of General Paterson her general had the first name of her brother who shortly died after her birth in the war. Deborah must have been a good soldier because after only two weeks she was in charge of a special unit of soldiers called rangers. They were in charge of looking out for activity on the outskirts of the British base and report back to the general. Her first assignment was a twelve-day march to West Point New York where they hiked until they got there she had for gotten but this is where she was born. At West Point she and her soldiers had to divide in half and meet again in Tarrytown the next day. Her division arrived the next morning then from out of the distance a bunch of bullets flew into the soldiers all around over their heads and some hitting solders to death by one bullet. Until she could figure out what was happening she saw a soldier had been shot in the chest she tried to help but he was dead so she ran. After a while of shooting it stopped then she felt a sharp pain in her leg she had been shot. She saw a soldier coming to help her but she did not want it because then they would find out she had been a women the whole time. “She said leave me here to die” (Deborah Sampson) but he said no and carried her on his horse to safety. Later on they took her pants off to see the wound...

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