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Biography Of Edward Joseph Snowden Essay

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Edward Joseph Snowden popularly known as Edward snowden was born on 21 June 1983 in Elizabeth city, Northern Carolina, who is an anex, who is an American Computer Professional and also a former employee of the National Security Agency NSA. He also worked for Central Intelligence Agency “CIA”. Snowden moved with his family to Ellicott City in the year 1995 where he studied computers at Anne Arundel Community college between the years of 1999 and 2005. During this period he was also in the army for a period of 4 months. Snowden attained his Master’s degree at the University of Liverpool in the year 2011. After completing his course, snowden joined in a job as a security guard for the NSA where he managed to bring himself up to a position of an information technology department. He worked here for a period of two years and then he moved on to work for a private contracting company, where he was posted in a position working for NSA in Hawaii. After working for a period three months, snowden discovered some data that requires him to make a decision that would affect his life in future.
Snowden had access to high security files while working there and he noticed that the US government was spying secretly on all of its citizens via calls and internet usage. This information was from a program which is known as PRISM (Planning tool for resource integration, synchronization and management). Snowden began collecting information about this program and the activities it is carrying out. He did not try to meet any of his higher officials regarding this incident but while he was still working in NSA. He approached his higher officials for a leave of absence. Snowden flew to Hong Kong in china, it was where he decided to blow the whistle and put forward all the information in the press. Snowden provided the Guardian and the Washington Times with hard copies of the data he collected which these newspapers published the following via papers and TV channels.
As a part of the information released, that was released regarding the PRISM, it also showed that nine of the biggest internet companies have role in the project by giving NSA the back door access. Due to this huge burst out in to the public about the government spying its own citizens, Obama government as of March 23, 2014 is preparing a legislation to stop the collection of mass data by NSA.
It is a big debate all over the world about what snowden has done. Some people see snowden as a hero and some of them say he is a criminal and what he did was unethical. While in snowden’s views, the US government was being unethical by violating the privacy of the public.
Ethics is all about making the right or wrong decision based on external sources, which also include professional. Any member who is working for an organization is obliged to be ethical to the organization, in the same way snowden was supposed to be ethical to NSA. It was his duties to follow the rules and policies set by NSA, which he...

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