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Biography Of Eleanor Of Aquitaine Essay

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When thinking of one woman who was very involved with politics, and cared about more than just herself who comes to mind? Eleanor of Aquitaine is correct. Eleanor of Aquitaine definitely made the best from of her life. She had a few rough roads, but she managed to make it through. Just because the going got rough didn’t mean she gave up. Being the most powerful woman of the 12th century was something to be proud of (Pernound). Eleanor didn’t have much of a family growing up.
The beginning of Eleanor’s life wasn’t similar to those of her time period. Eleanor was born in southern France in 1122 (“Eleanor”). She was the daughter of William X, Duke of Aquitaine, and Aneor of Chatellerault (eHistory). Eleanor had two siblings. Her sister’s name was Petronilla and, her brother’s name was William Aigret (Wills). Eleanor was the oldest child (Wills). Her brother was 4 when died. Shortly after the death of William, Eleanor’s mother also died. (Wills). Eleanor’s father played an important role in her life. He made sure that she had the best education that was available in their location. Girls were not supposed to know how to read, or understand Latin, but her father insisted on her knowing both (“Eleanor”). When Eleanor was fifteen, her father died of a chronic illness (Wills). At this time, she inherited her father’s title and lands (“Eleanor”). Eleanor was now duchess of Aquitaine (Lewis). A few months later, Eleanor discovered love.
Every duchess loves a guy who’s born into royalty. A few months after the death of Eleanor’s father, she married Louis VII in 1137 (“Eleanor”). Louis’ father, the king of France, fell ill and died (“Eleanor”). On Christmas day, Louis and Eleanor were crowned king and queen of France (“Eleanor”). They ruled the land for fifteen years. Together they produced two beautiful daughters. In 1145 the pope called Louis to a crusade (“Eleanor”). After many long discussions, Eleanor decided to join Louis on the journey west (“Eleanor”). They travelled together on the Second Crusade to Jerusalem and Constantinople (“Eleanor”). The crusade began to fail and Eleanor and Louis’ relationship took a turn for the worse (“Eleanor”). In 1152 Louis and Eleanor separated. The King took custody over the two daughters (“Eleanor”). Being married at such a young age causes pressure. Eleanor is almost thirty now and runs into a new king.
Eleanor again finds her soul mate a couple months after her divorce is final. Henry Count of Anjou was everything Eleanor wanted in a man. They married after two months, but were not crowed king and queen of England yet (“Eleanor”). After two years, Henry and Eleanor were finally crowned king and queen of England (“Eleanor”). This marriage was more successful than the last. Between the years of 1152 and 1166 they produced eight children together (“Eleanor”). For nearly two decades, Eleanor played an active role in Henry’s empire (BBC History). Eleanor was administrator of the realm during Henry’s Crusade to...

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