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A wise woman once wrote, “With the new day come new strengths and new thoughts.” These are some of the wise words from Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor lived a rough live, but she believed that things could become better at any moment. She was a kind, helpful, good woman that had a good life through it all. Eleanor Roosevelt was a hero to American History. Inspiring people to follow their dreams, work to be the best of their ability, and also to start a new day with no regrets or worries. She helped many people around her within her lifetime and definitively set a good example for others.
Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884, in New York City. She was raised by both of her parents until her father, Elliott Roosevelt, entered a sanitarium due to him being an alcoholic. After her father entered the sanitarium, it was just her mother and two younger brothers. When Eleanor was at the age of eight years old, her mother passed away. She and her two younger brothers went to live with their grandmother after both of their parents were no longer around. Not long after the children went to live with their grandmother, the older of her two younger brothers passed away. At this time, Eleanor was not even at the age of ten years old yet, and then also soon found out that her father had passed away as well. She began school at Mademoiselle Souvestre’s, and then finished her schooling at South Fields, England, where she began at the age of fifteen years old. She got married to her tall, handsome cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in March of 1905. She had six children, one of whom died as an infant, by the year of 1916. Eleanor Roosevelt lived a very nice life, but sadly she died on November 7, 1962, in New York City.
Eleanor Roosevelt was a very kind and caring woman. She nursed people from the wars when she volunteered for the Red Cross and Navy Department relief efforts. She nursed her husband back to walking after he was a victim to a nearly fatal attack of polio and was paralyzed. Once World War I came around in the year of 1914, Eleanor decided to become involved with Navy Department and Red Cross relief efforts (Stevenson, Keira). She also decided that she would volunteer within hospitals and soldier’s canteens (7). Eleanor, being the caring woman she was, would often visit wounded men as much as she possibly could. Eleanor Roosevelt tried her absolute best to have personal relationships with the men during the World War I, and tried to help them and make them just as important even while they were injured and shell-shocked. In the summer of 1921, the Roosevelt family went on a vacation to their summer house that was on Campobello Island in New Brunswick. While the family was vacationing, her husband, Franklin, was a victim to a nearly disastrous attack of polio, an infectious disease. Franklin survived, but the sickness from the attack left him with an infantile paralysis that he would have for the rest of his life. Once...

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