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Biography Of Franklin Pierce Essay

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Franklin Pierce was born on November 23, 18041in Hillsboro, New
Hampshire. He was the sixth child of eight siblings. He was considered a
handsome man and got his looks from his mother, Anna Pierce. His father,
Benjamin Pierce, was an American Revolution hero and a two time Governor of
New Hampshire. He was the seventh in line of American Pierces starting with
Thomas Pierce. He grew up in New Hampshire.
After he finished with boarding school at Hancock Academy, he attended
Francestown and Exeter Academies to prepare for college. He went to Bowdoin
College in Brunswick, Maine. His father picked the college because the president
of the college had the same political views as himself. Franklin graduated 3'd in
his class in 1824. After college, he wanted to join the army. America was not at
war, so he studied and became a lawyer. He passed the New Hampshire bar in 1827.
Franklin was a wonderful speaker. This caused him to follow ...view middle of the document...

He then became the
chairman ofthe State Central Committee of the Democratic Party. In 1845, he
was appointed federal district attorney for New Hampshire by President Polk.
When America went to war with Mexico, he joined the Army in 1847. He was first
appointed as a colonel, but then rose to brigadier general. After the war, he was elected chairman of New Hampshire Constitutional Convention in 1850. This lead
the way to Franklin becoming the 14th President of the United States.
He ran for President in 1852 of the Democratic Party with William R King of
Alabama for Vice President. Their platform was a Front Porch campaign and most
of the debate focused on the Compromise of 1850. His opponent of the Whig
Party was Winfield Scott. When elected, he was so far to be the youngest elected
at age 48.
His Presidency started with the Congress behind him. He enlarged the
Navy, increased Army pay, and bought land from Mexico (the Gadsden Purchase).
Then in 1854 he supported and signed into law the Kansas-Nebraska bill. His
popularity started to dwindle.
Then the Ostend Manifesto happened about America acquiring Cuba. US
Ministers of Great Britain, France and Spain meet and agreed that if America
couldn't buy Cuba that they should take it by force. This showed how far the
South was willing to go to acquire more territories. The country blamed Pierce for
not buying Cuba, while Pierce blamed Congress for voting him to make the
purchase. Pierce's popularity was gone and the debate over slavery was heading
towards Civil War. He became known as a "lame duck" President. He didn't win
the Democratic Party's nomination for another term.
His term as President wasn't his only disappointment. He suffered many
tragedies. Pierce and his wife had three children who all died in childhood. His
son, Benjamin "Bennie" Pierce (April 13, 1841- January 6,1853), died at the age
of 11. He died in a train accident in which Bennie was decapitated in front of his
Franklin Pierce also suffered from illnesses, mainly alcoholism. He had a
horse riding injury from the war, depression, cirrhosis of the liver, and
tuberculosis. Of all of these, he died from stomach inflammation caused by
alcohol on October 8, 1869{in Concord, New Hampshire.

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