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Biography Of Hernan Cortes Essay

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Hernán Cortés was born in the city of Medellí, Spain in 1485. Medellí is in the Badajoz province of Spain. The Badajoz province is known for being the largest province in size in Spain and has 134 municipalities. Cortés was born to Martín Cortés de Monroy and Catalina Pizarro Altamirano. His parents were not of a high class, so he had to go to school to get an education to bring home money. At the age of sixteen, Hernán was tired of going to school and came back, which upsetted his parents greatly. Hernán had been hearing about Christopher Columbus’ discoveries in the New World and wanted to go explore for himself. He left Spain in 1504 for Hispaniola, which he had been hearing stories of ...view middle of the document...

Hernán left a few people and went to intercept the oncoming troops. Hernán’s army defeated the army with ease and forced the troops to join his army.
When Cortés returned, he found the people he had left in charge killed some of the Aztec leaders and had upset the Aztec people. Cortés and his army were forced to retreat leaving behind their endless amounts of treasure. The army won the battle after six days and went to the nearby villages. He teamed up with the neighboring enemies and they all laid siege on the Aztec village. The Aztecs lost and this was the end of the Aztec people.
Soon after he conquered the Aztecs, Cortés began to conquer many more territories and at his peak of expansion, he controlled from the Caribbean Sea all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The amount of land he had and the people under his control upset Spain, so they had to do something to stop him. Cortés was exploring the jungles of Honduras when he became very ill. Cortés was unable to keep control of his lands due to his illness, so they were seized by officials and the made the people in Spain happy. Spain sent out an inquiry with Luis Ponce de León. León died...

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