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Biography Of Ida Minerva Tarbell Essay

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Ida Minerva Tarbell was born in Erie, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1857 (Lowrie). She was the daughter of Esther and Franklin Tarbell (Lowrie). At the age of three, Ida was moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania with her family (Lowrie). Tarbell's mother took a teaching job and her father became an oil producer and refiner in their new town (Lowrie). As King wrote, “her father's business, along with those of many other small businessmen, was adversely affected by the South Improvement Company scheme between the railroads and larger oil interests.” Tarbell stayed in Titusville and finished high school there (Lowrie). She then studied at Allegheny College in 1876, where she graduated in 1880, the ...view middle of the document...

Most of them assumed that the interviews were for another praising article. They never expected that she had other plans; these plans were to destroy Rockefeller's monopoly with her negative spread. Tarbell wrote mostly about “Standard’s most potent weapons against competitors,” which were, “underselling, differential pricing, and secret transportation rebates” (Chernow 258). She wanted expose The Standard Oil Company as a fraud that had ruined many families with it's crushing mentality (PBS). She even stated, “it takes time to crush men who are pursuing legitimate trade. But one of Mr. Rockefeller's most impressive characteristics is patience” (PBS).
Ida Tarbell's investigative journalism series first appeared in a 1902 issue of McClure's Magazine (King). The series was later published as a book, The History of the Standard Oil Company, in 1904 (King). In a biography of Ida Tarbell, PBS wrote:
Tarbell's exposé of Standard Oil was the first corporate coverage of its kind, and it attacked the business operations of Rockefeller, the best-known businessman in the country at the time, even though he had retired from the oil business several years before, and was devoting his time to philanthropy.
Tarbell's investigations brought the great monopoly of Standard Oil to it's...

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