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One of the best Presidents of all time is John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kennedy was born in Brooklyn Massachusetts and went to school at Harvard University; he graduated in 1940.In 1953 he married Jacqueline or Jacky Lee Bouvier. Whenever Kennedy passed Jacky re-married. Kennedy changed many people’s lives he changed the way we all see things, he created NASA the space Program. He was the youngest president to be ever elected in the 1900’s. His family was huge and Kennedy had many siblings later on in his life he had a few kids of his own.
Kennedy had many accomplishments other than being our nation’s president. Around the age of Nineteen to Twenty five he served in the U.S navy and had his own platoon and his own Boat which he was the captain of , his boat was off the Coast of key west his ship was attacked by a Foreign ship and he’s men were injured badly. Not only was Kennedy injured but he managed to drag his men to a nearby island and ask the people on the island ...view middle of the document...

He loved going to make speeches and announcements.
Kennedy was the 35th president of the U.S Elected he was also the 4th president to be assassinated. He was being driven down the Road in Dallas, Texas, the Limousine he was in also contained three others the governor of the State who was sitting in the passenger side of the Car the driver and Jacky who was sitting behind the driver and sitting next to Kennedy. On November 22 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a tour in Dallas Texas. Kennedy was shot in the throat and the neck and Gov. Connolly was shot in the shoulder. Both Kennedy and Connolly were taken to the hospital. The killer of Kennedy was known to be Lee Harvey Oswald. The police said Oswald went to the roof fired 3 shots then bought a soda and walked out of the building. Kennedy was considered dead by the time he gotten to the hospital. The doctors and Nurses did their best but they could not revive him. Kennedys wife screamed ‘’OH NO’’. As soon as Kennedy was shot she climbed on top of his car and tried to see if he was alive. She waited in the hospital for the news of her husband. When she found out he was dead her and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson were taken to a plane. On the Plane Federal Judge Sarah T. Hughes (Appointed by Kennedy) Sworn in Lyndon B. Johnson as President. Kennedy never regained consciousness. Lee Harvey Oswald would of went to jail for a life time but he was shot and killed by a night club owner in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald killed a police officer in Dallas. Kennedy’s condition was very fatal even if he was still alive he would be paralyzed. At 1:40 pm Kennedy’s death was announced. Kennedy had a public memorial 3 days later in Dallas. “He was buried in Dallas and the motorcade that he was shot in was cleaned and used for other presidents until it was finally put in a museum.” Sean Wiltzen page 261. The hospital that Kennedy died at was called Parkland Hospital which is located in Dallas. Later when Oswald was shot and killed Oswald also, was Parkland Hospital.”After Kennedy’s death there will still many more conspiracies”. Http:// -unusual-facts-about-jfk-assassination/5099004

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