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In American history, there are numerous people who stand out more and are emphasize more than other in history of our country. One man, John Hancock, is one of those astonishing men that stand out.
John’s was born on January 16, 1736 in Braintree, Massachusetts. He was the middle child of three. He was the son of John Hancock, who was born on June 1, 1702 in Lexington, Massachusetts and child of Mary Hawke, who was born on October 13, 1711 in Hingham, Massachusetts. His mother was married once before she married Johns farther. Her marriage ended in her former husband’s death. John Hancock Sr was a “faithful Shepard.” He always kept an alert watch over the ethics and religious well-being of ...view middle of the document...

From 1760 to 1761, he lived in England, Where he was built relationships with customers and suppliers of his uncle’s shipbuilding business. In 1763, Thomas Hancock made John his full partner of his business. His uncle was sick, so he took over the business. A year later, Thomas Hancock died of illness like most people did back then.
Hancock took full control of the business and became one of the richest men in America. At first John Hancock did well. His ship cruised across the Atlantic Ocean with goods for the people of France. His ships navigated back with goods to sell the colonies. Most of the colonies needed and bought the goods made in England. John Hancock made a lot of money. John would give firewood and food to the poor in the winter. He also gave a lot of money to the house of worship. A lot of people love John because he was a generous man. (Lee, 3-11)

In 1765 England had passed the Stamp Act, imposing taxes on Americans. The American people had managed their own money in their congresses. Naturally they were furious. John Hancock was also furious. The next year was good news. England repealed the Stamp Act. The news was brought to Boston in John Hancock’s brig the “Harrison,” and John announced it to the public. So after the news, John threw a big party. Everybody cheered as the fireworks were set off. On May 1768, John Hancock was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives. “The House elected him each year to the Governor’s Council, but the Governor rejected his appointments until 1771 when the Governor changed his mind. Hancock turned down the position and said that he was no longer interested in politics ( On March 1770, The Boston Massacre had happened. After the Destruction, the citizens appointed a committee to meet with the Governor and Colonel to demand the removal of troops. Hancock warned the governor that “there are upwards of 4,000 men ready to take arms.” The Colonel agreed to remove both squads to the Castle Island. As soon as Samuel Adams popularity declined after the Massacre, Hancock said the he would never have a relationship with Adams. (Fritz, 5-14)
Hancock was King George’s #1 on the Treacherous List. His head was worth for 500 pounds. On May 1768, one of Hancock's ships arrived in Boston with a load of wine, which is prized equally for cooking and drinking. The captains did not inspect the ship until the next morning, when they found the ship was less than one-quarter full. The agents denied that wine had been unloaded during the night. The next month, one of the captains now said that he had been held on the ship and was threatened with death if he told anyone. The government seized the ship. A mob gathered at the homes of the captains, smashing their windows and threatening to attack if they returned. Hancock was able to get ship released until the case came up in court. Adams accused Hancock of submitting to the government; in response Hancock canceled his deal to get the ship...

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