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John Ernst Steinbeck Jr is one of America’s greatest novelists. Steinbeck was born February 27th, 1902 and died of a heart attack on December 20th, 1968.(nobel page 1) He is the son of John Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton. Steinbeck wrote 27 books. Some of his best known work includes Of Mice and Men (1937), The Long Valley (1938), and East of Eden (1962). Since Steinbeck was raised and grew up in the early 1900’s, his novels were greatly influenced by the hard rural labor that many people worked in. Many of Steinbeck’s could be classified as social novels because he often wrote about the economic problems of the rural labor.

Being born in Salinas, California, many of Steinbeck's novels were based in that area. He had a happy childhood and grew up with three sisters. Steinbeck was intelligent and shy and from a young age he learned to appreciate hard working people and the land. He looked up to his father who worked hard to support the family. “His father, John Ernst Steinbeck, tried his hand at several different jobs to keep his family fed: He owned a feed-and-grain store, managed a flour plant and was the treasurer of Monterrey County. His mother, Olive Hamilton Steinbeck, was a former schoolteacher.” (bio page1)

At 14 years old Steinbeck realized that he loved writing and would frequently lock himself in his room and write all day. Since Steinbeck was very smart and did well at school, The University of Stanford, a very prestigious school, would accept him and he enrolled there in 1919. Steinbeck only went to Stanford to please his parents and didn’t want to disappoint them. Eventually, he would declare that his only true interest is to write and there would be no reason to be in school so he dropped out of The University of Stanford in 1925.

After leaving Stanford, Steinbeck worked a couple of jobs that includes hard labor. Some of those jobs were being a construction worker, ranch hand, factory worker, and farm laborer. Having an opportunity to do some writing in New York as a newspaper reporter John took a freight train to New York. The New York life wasn't for Steinbeck so as quick as he got to New York, he left shortly after returning to his home state of California. He found a job as a caretaker in Lake Tahoe, California. While at Lake Tehoe, Steinbeck found the perfect time to write his first novel, Cup of Gold. (1929) Steinbeck met a woman named Carol at Lake Tahoe and fell in love with her. He ended up marrying her and she was very supporting about his writing so Steinbeck continued to write novels. In 1940 Steinbeck went on a trip around the Gulf of California to collect sea specimens with his friend Ed Ricketts and his wife.That influenced him to write one of his novels The Log From the Sea of Cortez (1951) Steinbeck ended up divorcing Carol and remarried Gwendolyn Conger and had 2 children with her. Steinbeck’s fourth novel Tortilla Flat got his name out as a writer. (nea page 1)

Steinbeck was alive during World War II and...

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