Biography Of John Wayne Gacy Essay

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Biography of John Wayne Gacy

One of the most horrendous serial killers in modern history would have to be John Wayne Gacy, Jr. He was the second of three children and born in 1942. He lived in Chicago and attended catholic schools, and wasn't a very popular boy in school. Gacy seemed to live a very normal childhood, with exception to his relationship with his father, and series of accidents that effected him. No one could have known what the future held for John, not even his father.
When Gacy was eleven years old, he was playing by a swing set, and was hit in the head by one of the swings. The accident caused a blood clot in little John's brain. However, the blood clot was not discovered until he was 16. From the age of eleven to sixteen he suffered a series of blackouts caused by the clots; when given medicine, the clots disappeared along with the blackouts. At the age of seventeen, Gacy was diagnosed with a non-specific heart ailment. He was hospitalized on several occasions for his problem throughout his life, but they were not able to find an exact cause for his pain. However, although he complained about his heart(especially after his arrests) he never suffered a serious heart attack.
During Gacy's late teens, he suffered some turmoil with his father, although the relations with his mother and sisters remained very strong. John's father was an abusive alcoholic, who physically harmed his wife and verbally abused the children. Although, John, Sr. was an unpleasant individual, young Gacy deeply loved his father, and desperately wanted to gain his attention and devotion. Unfortunately, he was unable to get close to his father before he passed away. This was something that bothered John, Jr. for the rest of his life.
Gacy dropped out of high school and headed for the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. He worked as a janitor at a local funeral parlor, doing various odd jobs. He tried desperately to earn enough money to return to Chicago. Soon, after he returned home from Las Vegas in the early 60's, he enrolled himself in a business college and eventually graduated. While at Business College, he perfected the talent of salesmanship; Gacy was a born salesman who could talk his way out of almost anything. It was during this time that his health again took a turn for the worst.
He had gained a great deal of weight and began to suffer from his heart condition now more than ever. Soon after his hospitalization for his heart, he was hospitalized again for a spinal injury. His weight, heart, and back problems would plague Gacy for the rest of his life.
In September, 1964 met and married a co-worker named Marilyn Myers. Marilyn's parents owned a chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. Gacy's new father-in-law offered him a position in one of these franchises. Soon after this, John and his wife moved to Iowa. Life seemed to hold a lot of promise for Gacy at this time in his life. John worked tirelessly, performing many hours of...

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