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Biography Of Joseph Stalin And The Revolutionary Movement

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Joseph Stalin grew up believing in Marxist, which led him to devote his time to the revolutionary movement against the Russian Monarchy (World History in Context). In 1922, Stalin became general secretary of the Communist party and after Lenin’s death he promoted himself as Lenin’s political heir. After proclaiming his position of the political heir, Stalin officially became a dictator over the Soviet Union (World History in Context). Stalin was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for a quarter of a century. Stalin’s reign of terror caused the death and suffering of millions, but he also oversaw the war machine that played a key role in the defeat of Nazism. It is said that Stalin is one of the most powerful and murderous dictators in history (World History in Context). Joseph Stalin would rule over the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1953.
Once Stalin came into power after Lenin’s death he immediately got to work on how he was going to control the Soviet Union. "The triumph of one man turned into the tragedy of an entire nation."(Volkogonov) Joseph Stalin began collectivizing farming and had potential enemies executed or sent to labor camps. Many farmers did not like the idea of the government taking their farms and they refused to cooperate. Since the farmers wouldn’t listen to what Stalin was saying he had them shot or exiled. Also the forced collective farming led to a widespread famine across the Soviet Union and killed millions of people (BBC History 4). Since the Soviet Union was allied with the United States and Great Britain they did not pay much attention to Stalin and what was happening under his control. The whole world was so focused on what Hitler was doing and his labor camps that Stalin’s labor camps completely flew under the radar. Stalin ruled by terror and with a totalitarian grip. Stalin was determined to eliminate anyone who might oppose him in anyway. He also wanted to make sure that order was kept so Stalin expanded that secret police, encouraged the people to spy on each other, and had unruly citizens sent to labor camps or shot. Joseph Stalin wanted to make sure that he was the supreme leader so he renamed cities in his honor and had Soviet history books rewritten to show that he was the prominent role in the revolution (History 9). Joseph Stalin was the main subject of flattering artwork, literature, and music and in addition his name became a part of the Soviet National Anthem (History 9). Stalin also made his government control the media.
Joseph Stalin was a very paranoid man; once he was in office he killed members of the Party. Ninety-eight out of the one hundred and thirty-nine members were shot and out of the one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six delegates one thousand one hundred and eight were arrested (World History in Context). Joseph Stalin was a crude and cruel man. Despite that his politics, he tended to be cautious and slow-moving. Although Joseph Stalin did some really bad things during him reign as...

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