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Biography Of Kris Young Essay

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My full name is Kristopher Alexander Young but I preferred to be called Kris you know KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). There are some symbols that describe my life and who I am the symbols are: family, safety, communication, friends, and support.

The first symbol is my family because I couldn’t really have the grades without their encouragement. I know that my grades are slipping but because of old habits. The other reason is why family is because my family is the best one for me, I was abandoned and you may not believe me but I was. My birth family has given up on me and relinquished their rights to be my parents. Malcolm and Juliann were the ones who did not give up on me, never, not even once. They adopted me into their family and I am now a Young now and proud to be it. My family has always been there for me while others had not. Family is possibly the most important detail out of all of these details. Family is there kind like friends except you are around them all of the time.

The next symbol is safety because I always feel like I have always protected someone or something. I can’t really do anything if I don’t feel safe, for example if I am left home alone without anyone at night it is like I feel like something is going to happen that is going to harm or injure me. Another reason is because I want to protect the people I care about plus I am always thinking about the opposite of what actually happened, for example if I am over at a friend’s house and his mom offers me something like a cookie here’s what I thought I don’t want this and throw it down say pick it up. The safety keeps those thoughts away.

The third symbol is communication. I like to communicate with others and sometimes I can be a little too communicative sometimes. I like to know what is going on and eaves drop on conversations if it sounds interesting in the beginning. If not then I back out of trying....

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