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Biography Of Mackenzie King, The Longest Serving Prime Minister Of Canada

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Mackenzie King was the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada (Neatby, 2005). For many King was a great and effective Prime Minister. But for others, he was ineffective due to his “5 cent speech”, racist behavior and lastly for his strong spiritual beliefs. Therefore this makes William Lyon Mackenzie King to be an ineffective Prime Minister of Canada from the years 1921-1929.
King’s biggest act that clearly shows him to be an unfit and ineffective Prime Minister of Canada was his “5 cent speech”. King made his speech during the 1930s – start of The Great Depression- the speech basically articulates that King would give relief money to only those provinces with Liberal-provincial government, and the speech also states that King won’t give a “5 cent piece” (Chong, 2002) to the provinces with a Conservative provincial government. This shows how he only favors those who support the Liberals, and not the good-will of Canada as a whole. In fact, in the beginning of the Great Depression- when the stock market crashed- he was reluctant to even acknowledge that there was an economic crisis. King believed that the great depression was just a temporary crisis that would solve its self in a matter of time, and that the good times of the 20s would return. King didn’t realize the scale and the severity of the crisis and he let the crisis get out of hand by delaying to take action, but when he finally decided to take action to help the provinces in need. Instead of King helping all who are in need, he decides to choose who he wants to help-provinces with a liberal government. This exclusion of the other provincial governments – conservative- show that King in no means wants to help Canada as a country and this is contrary to what an effective and effective Prime minister would want to do – help the country as a whole- Therefore confirming that Mackenzie King is not an effective Prime Minister.
Mackenzie King was racist towards many races in Canada- which is unacceptable, for he was the Prime Minister of Canada and a good P.M’s responsibility is to treat everyone equally, and make unbiased decisions – but mostly discriminated against Jewish-Canadians. Jewish immigrants couldn’t obtain a job, because no one would hire them; like many industries, educational institutes, hospitals, and most of the government/law organizations e.g. lawyers, judges, teachers, nurses, engineers, architects and doctors etc... (Keefer, 2009). These industries and institutes wouldn’t hire Jewish workers, even if they were the best at what they did. Many Jewish-Canadians had to hide their identity to get hold of a decent paying job. Due to this anti-Semitic behavior of the Canadians and its government many immigrants such as Jews, faced a high unemployment rate. Mackenzie King was aware of the unfair and racist behavior of most of the industries and institutes, yet he did nothing to try to put an end to this racist behavior. Many insulted Jews by not selling property to them due to...

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