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Biography Of Margaret Thatcher Essay

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Margaret Thatcher
Power triumph, and authority. These are some of the most pronounce qualities possessed by none other than Margaret Baroness Thatcher. Throughout her lifetime, Thatcher was able to transform and lives of many. It was evident from the start that Thatcher would soon begin to influence life in the modern world. Margaret Thatcher contributed to the history, art and culture of Britain through woman’s rights, end of socialism, and the revitalizing the British economy.
In her earlier years, Margaret attended Oxford University; majoring gin chemistry and later pursuing a law degree (The Path). She was first exposed to politic when her father was their hometown mayor (Columbia Ecncyclopedia). During that time, Margaret was unable to find work due to the unwillingness of businesses to hire woman; making it a difficulty for Thatcher. Not long after, she began to work for tax attorneys. It was here that her great knowledge of law would foresee her role as a politician. Thatcher would make history after becoming the first woman Prime Minister and the first female leader of the western nation. It was through this that thatcher would advance woman’s rights and liberty. Thatcher’s father always instilled in her to always speak her mind, despite what others think, something that she would take to heart in the future (Margaret Thatcher Foundation).
Margaret Thatcher was given the title “Iron Lady” for her audacity, spirit and willpower to bring about change to the nation. In 1961, after taking on just two years in parliament, Margaret became a Junior Minister. Once becoming Prime Mister, Margret took on many more issues. Her everyday battle was with the men who seemed to not take her seriously, based on her sex. At the time, it was absurd that to take orders from a female, something that was almost unheard of. Thatcher’s made this the very reason for her motivation. She stood up and spoke the things others were afraid to voice. It was her great drive and determination that influenced the woman of her time to make something of themselves. Coming from a parent who instilled nothing less than ambition to her, Thatcher used this to her advantage everyday as she faced the patriarchal political society in Britain. Margaret paved the way for future female politicians who needed the courage to stand up against the male dominated governmental roles (Advanced Woman’s Liberation). At the same time, woman did not approve of her decisions that cut benefits for children. This was when she was Secretary of State for Department of Education and Science, a time where she made an unpopular decisions (New York). Along with other controversial judgments, Thatcher stood proud and tall of what she believed was best. Yet Thatcher had disillusioned the fact that there would even be a female prime minister in her lifetime “In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman,” Thatcher said (Brainy Quote). Thatcher can be...

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