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Marie Curie was one of the shy girls, but yet one of the most famous scientists in the world. She could care less about the money, the fame, and the attention, science and research are the only things she thought about. She never did understand why people were so interested in her, her discoveries, why her?
Marie was born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867. Her polish name was Maria Sklodowska but everyone called her Manya. Her parents were teachers and all they talked about how school was school was so important and she needed to study hard. Manya was one of the smartest kids in her school; she finished high school at only 15 years old! When Marie was a teenager she received a gold medal, she worked so hard in school that when it was over she just fell apart. Her father sent her away to her family for a year in the country because of it. When Marie was eight her older sister Zofia, caught typhus fever and had died, about two years later her mother ...view middle of the document...

Studying physics while she was there. Marie eventually returned to Warsaw in 1889, she continued to work as a governess, tutor, and studying. She used one of her cousins lab to study science, the Russians thought it was an agriculture museum and that’s exactly what they wanted them to think. By 1891 she finally had enough money to join her sister in Paris, she decided to study physics.
When Marie was working to save money being a governess, she fell in love with the oldest, Kazmierz Zorawski, they dated but his parents were completely against the fact of them wanting to marry. The Zorawski family refused to let him marry a poor governess, they unhappily separated but Marie continued to work for the family because Bronya depended on her. When Kazmierz was an old man, he made daily visits to the statue dedicated to her in Warsaw. Marie still needed to find a place to work on her research so a friend helped her find a place. They introduced her to Pierre Curie, he found himself attracted to Marie surprisingly. He adored Marie, he eventually asked her to marry him, but she didn’t know what to say, she loved him but she feared that she would never live in Poland again. He wrote her many love letters while she was away. She returned to see Pierre and on July 26, 1895 they got married.
Marie had her goals set she knew exactly what she wanted to do, she wanted to study physics, she wanted to be a scientist, she wanted to earn degrees in anything and everything. She wanted to be something. When Marie was working with her husband Pierre, who got the lab to work in together, they found out about a new element. She was stunned by the extra radiation it gave off. The new element was radium. Through the next several years Marie and Pierre discovered two new elements called “polonium” and “uranium”
1903, Marie and Pierre shared the Nobel Prize in physics, in 1906 Pierre Curie died. 1911 Marie won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. She died on July 4, 1934. Many say it was from all of the radiation she was exposed to while working in the lab with her husband Pierre. She is now remembered as the world’s most famous scientist and, the world’s most famous women who ever lived.

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