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Biography Of Marilyn Monroe Essay

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Marilyn Monroe was considered a sex symbol, a determined female icon, and a great actress. She had a very tough life, and faced many challenges, yet she kept moving forward with confidence. Noted for her various movies, photographs, and modeling career, Marilyn made a name for herself during the 1960’s. she was the type of woman you could see helping everyone in her way. She was Longing for love in her life, and was divorced multiple times. At the end of her days, she ran into problems such as drugs and never escaped them. Marilyn Monroe had a tragic end to life, nut her legacy still lives on today.
She was born June 1, 1926 in los Angelo’s, California. Her real mothers name is Gladys ...view middle of the document...

The early twenties she didn’t have any speaking parts in movies she was just a average back up dancer or singer. But she never had stared in a movie with major speaking roles. She also stood as one of the best models and made magnificent photographs during her modeling career. She always made it a point for people to know her as she is now. She was awarded “ Little Miss Prissy “ after posing on the beach for a photo shoot. In the spring of 1947 she was finally given a speaking role, a little role the was in the comedy “ Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hey!” after giving her that role they realize how great of an actress she was and gave her many more roles with more complicating lines. One day while she was crossing the road she realize a limousine and waved and smiled knowing the driver would stop and talk to her. So he did and come to find out as he was introducing himself he was the worlds most famous producer, giving her many roles and making her the own star of her movie “ The Prince and The Showgirl” starting off her career. ( Chaliapin ).
Her movies were a major success. Also her modeling career. She played as Elsie in “ The Prince and The Showgirl.” one of her movies called “ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” was a major success. It was directed by Howard hawks. It was based on a novel. She played as sassy lounge singers. In the movie “ The Prince and The Showgirl” it was a comedy. She played as a showgirl who is romanced by prince regent of Carpathian. In the movie “Bus Stop” Joshua Logan directed it. It was a comedy/dramatic scene. It was about a rodeo boy who tried to marry Marilyn. And tried to force her into coming to his hometown with her. In the movie “ The Seven Year Itch” Billy wilder directed it. Which also stars tom ewell and Evelyn Keyes. Ewell is a married man whose wife goes on vacation in the country. Leaving him to find Marilyn who lives next door to get to know each other better. Those are just some of the great movies that Marilyn starred in. ( Berman ).
Marilyn had 3 marriages. First one was Jim Dougherty. They married in 1942. They had no kids and divorced in 1946. They got married when she was 16.they met by Marilyn’s foster mom. He was 21 when they got married. Jim dies at the age of 84 with leukemia. The second marriage was Joe DiMaggio. They married in...

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