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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was born April 29, 1958 to a working class family in Gary, Indiana. His parents, Joe and Katherine had ten children and Michael Jackson was the eighth child. The Jackson family was very musically inclined. Michael’s father played guitar in a small R&B band, his mother sang frequently, and his brothers often sand and played with their father’s guitar (Biography on Michael Jackson, 2002). Michael Jackson was no exception to his family’s musical ability.
At the age of four Joe Jackson pushed his children to start a band. This band was called the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 quickly rose to fame. The band initially started playing in local talent shows and then landed a contract with Motown records at the end of 1968. The Jackson 5 first became well known with their hit “Baby” with Michael as the lead singer of the group. The group quickly escalated and in just seven years the Jackson 5 had released thirteen albums and charted several number one R&B hits (Michael Jackson Biography, 2014). There first four singles were “I Want you Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” and “I’ll be There. ” These songs broke a chart record when they went to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot One-Hundred (Biography on Michael Jackson, 2002). The Jackson 5 was unstoppable and at such a young age and their music careers would continue to grow.
The record company, Motown soon began to take over the Jackson 5 and began taking away their creative control. The Jackson 5 then left Motown Records and signed with Epic Records. During the later years of Jackson 5 Michael started recording solo records with Motown records, the Jackson 5’s previous recording company. In 1976 the Jackson 5 split due to creative differences. Michael Jackson released his first major solo album in 1979 and his music career soared from then on. By the early 1980’s Michael Jackson was infamously known as the King of Pop. Michael launched the album “Off the Wall” in collaboration with Quincy Jones, a top recording artist. “Off the Wall” topped the charts and Jackson even won a Grammy and Rock with you for his astounding work in creating music and creating a show everyone wanted to see. The album sold more than twenty million copies and Michael Jackson became the first solo artist to have four singles hit the top ten on the Billboard Hot One-Hundred (Michael Jackson Biography, 2014).
During the 1980’s Michael Jackson released the most successful album of all time, Thriller. The Thriller album sold more than forty- seven million copies worldwide and won eight Grammy awards including Album of the Year. Michael Jackson was not only in fame himself but brought others to fame. The rising television channel, MTV, used broadcasted performances of “Billie Jean,” Beat It,” and “Thriller” as a promotional tools to bring the channel to fame. Michael was also known for his signature look of a single sequenced glove and moonwalking...

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