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American graphic designer, painter, and art educator Paula Scher has been active and well know in the art scene for four decades. She worked in the recorded business, creating icon album covers. Some of which can still be found today, in recorded stores and on iTunes. She also co founded Koppel & Scher, which they produced identities, packaging, book jackets, and advertising designs. A large portion of her career she has spent as a partner at Pentagram’s New York office. She is also an educator at the School of Visual Art in New York. Among all that Paula Scher has received countless awards and recognition for her work.

She was born in 1948 in Virginia, but grew up in Washington DC and Philadelphia. As a teenager she took class at Corcoran [College of Art and Design] in Washington DC. She later studied Illustration at the Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia. In 1970 she received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Tyler. Though she received training as an illustrator she redirected her constrained on design and typography. In an interview for Eye Magazine John L. Walter asked Paula Scher, “ Did you understand what a designer did?” She said, “No, I was there for drawing and painting. I liked printmaking, but didn’t find myself until I did a course called Graphic Design.

That same year she moved to New York City where she started her career in the record business. She began working at CBS Recorders in their advertising and promotions department. After a short period of time working there she left and joined Atlantics Records. At Atlantics Recorders she was hired as the art director, had a more creative and artistic position. After two years at Atlantic recorders she returned to CBS as the art director there. Paula Scher is credited with designing as many as 150 album covers a year. Some of those iconic album cover designs are Boston, Eric Gale, Leonard Bernstein, Bob James, Bob James and Earl Klugh, Roger Dean and David Howells and Jean-Pierre Rampal and Lily Laskin. Her designs were recognized with four Grammy nominations.

In 1938 after working for CBS she left to work on her own. During this time she develop a typographic style based on the teaching and style of Art deco, and Russian Constructivism. Art deco started in France but was very popular in the United States in the roaring twenties. The movement was not based on philosophical or political ideologies, strictly decorative. Using elements of symmetry, simplicity, planarity and elemental repetition. Russian Constructivism’s artwork is broken down to its most basic elements, with themes that are geometrical, experimental, and rarely emotional. Which included artists like Alexander Rodchenko, Tatlin Naum, and El Lissitzky. Influenced and inspired by these two movements Paula Scher developed her typographic style. Which is very colorful, bold and commanding. She uses type as a medium to communicate and also to visual illustrate. Paula Scher stated in an interview that the best advice...

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