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Peter L. Bernstein was a teacher, economist, and a historian who grew to be one of America’s best known writers in promoting his perceptive of economics to the public. Bernstein graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a degree in economics. He was the author of ten books in economics and finance in addition to numerous articles in professional journals. Including his bestseller Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk. His other books include A Primer on Money, Banking, and Gold and The Price of Prosperity.
Bernstein tells how the canal's creation helped prevent the dismemberment of the American empire and knit the sinews of the American industrial revolution. He expresses how even the least important individuals who helped construct the Erie Canal, are as important as the most beneficial individual. Wedding of the Waters proclaims that all growth in the economy and the public can all be brought back to the great beginning of engineering; the Erie Canal.

Bernstein tells of a great American accomplishment and how it not only transformed the landscape of the economy but the political & social landscape as well. He investigates the economic, political, and social struggles that workers had to go through to put the Canal up to its true potential. This includes conflicts with finances and other leaders who thought this project could never become a great triumph. In the 1800s, people soon realized that the Appalachian Mountains were a restriction in uniting the Atlantic states with the lands of the west. The leaders of this great nation came up with the plan to construct the massive Erie Canal and unite the western lands and the Atlantic states. Bernstein talks about how many people tried to do things like this in the past but had failed. The Erie Canal stretched 363 miles from Buffalo on Lake Erie to Albany on the Hudson River. It was a very powerful achievement for its time and helped in so many ways. Wedding of the Waters expresses the history of the Erie Canal’s construction and its influence on America’s future geography, demonstrating that the building of the Canal impacted the beginning of the industrial revolution. Therefore, not only did it change the economy in America, it would change the economy in Europe as well. The canal changed the way the world operated business and trade in the New York area and globally.
Wedding of the Waters also cites the assistance of great visionaries like Washington, Jefferson, and van Buren. But it took the determined New York Governor DeWitt Clinton to set in motion the construction of the Erie Canal. Bernstein examines the hardship that the workers had to go through trying to accomplish this immense project and how working on this project helped immigrants and others try to come and survive in the American world. The Erie Canal brought down the cost of shipping by 90% and this inspired farmers to settle around the great lakes and the upper Midwest area. Although industries rose up to...

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