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Biography Of President Woodrow Wilson Essay

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Who was Woodrow Wilson? People know him as one of our many presidents. Many people don’t know much about him. President Woodrow Wilson did quite a few important things before becoming the 28th president of the United States of America. He was liked by many hated by others.
In 1910 Thomas Woodrow Wilson ran for the governor of New Jersey. He won in a landslide. Wilson was a member of the Democratic Party and received many support that way ("Woodrow Wilson "). He became the forty-third governor. Wilson forced through the New Jersey legislature such reforms as an employer's liability act, the direct primary, a corrupt-practices act, and revitalization of the state public utilities commission ("Woodrow Wilson ").
Later on he was nominated for president at the 1912 Democratic Convention ("Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom"). One of the platforms on which he ran was the “New Freedom” program. This was a program that focused on the ...view middle of the document...

General Victoriano Huerta had gained power in Mexico due to a bloody Civil War. Wilson refused to acknowledge the government because he did not like the new regime. Wilson supported the rebels Venustiano Carranza and the infamous bandit Pancho Villa. Carranza then won power in 1914 and eventually started to make changes that Wilson liked. Woodrow Wilson then abandoned Villa and offered official American support. Villa was mad and kidnapped 18 Americans from a Mexican train and slaughtered them ("Pancho Villa attacks Columbus, New Mexico"). Woodrow Wilson gave the orders to capture Pancho Villa dead or alive. He sent troops to Mexico to look for Villa. The situation was eventually resolved but it is seen as one of President Wilson’s failures.
One of the many accomplishments that Wilson achieved during his presidency was a Nobel Prize. He was awarded for his ability to stay neutral during WWI. After the war Wilson, helped negotiate a peace treaty. The peace treaty helped plan a League of Nations. The Senate, however, rejected the idea for the U. S membership in the League of Nations. Wilson was still awarded for his efforts in making a peaceful agreement ("Woodrow Wilson "). Wilson and his team were also responsible for the establishment of Federal Reserve System and the Federal Trade Commission.
The accomplishments and failures had a lot do with the type of relationship between the vice and the cabinet members. The vice president during Wilson’s presidency was Thomas R. Marshall. Marshall felt that he was not very important to Wilson and the presidency. He was given chores, which according to him, were created to keep the vice presidents from doing any harm to their administrations ("Thomas R. Marshall, 28th Vice President (1913-1921)"). Wilson personally did not like Vice President Thomas R. Marshall. The Vice did not do a very good job of the tasks given to him; however, Wilson kept him in office and asked him to stay throughout his second term. Wilson asked Marshall to be in charge of the cabinet while he was lobbying for the League of Nations. Marshall accepted but refused to be responsible for anything that happened will Wilson was away (Suddath).
Woodrow Wilson was both well-liked and hated.

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