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I. Biography
Richard Trenton Chase, who would later be known as The Sacramento Vampire, was born on
May 23, 1950 in Sacramento, California . As a child he was known to set fires and torture
animals, his parents were constantly arguing until they divorced, there are also people who claim
that he allegedly was abused by his mother as a child. As he grew into adolescence he began to
heavily abuse alcohol and drugs, from which he is said to have developed Hypochondria. In high
school he received grades of C's, D's, and F's, and he didn't have any lasting relationships.
Chase was Institutionalized at Beverly Manor, a facility for the mentally ill, after he got blood
poisoning from injecting himself with rabbit blood. At the facility he was given the nickname
Dracula because he spoke of drinking rabbits blood, and was found drinking the blood of birds
that he had killed at the facility. After he was released, he enrolled at American River College
around the age of 18. There he began to see a psychiatrist concerning his erectile dysfunction,
which the psychiatrist claimed was a side effect of suppressed anger, the psychiatrist also
suspected that Chase was suffering from mental illness. Chase began to live on his own at the
age of 21, during which time he would hunt animals and eat their innards raw and drink their
blood; because he believed that his blood was turning into powder, and drinking blood was the
only way to stop the process, he also believed that his heart sometimes stopped beating. Around
the age of 26 Chase was Institutionalized again, and it was around this time that he was
diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He was only deemed safe to leave the institution after
he was prescribed Psychotropic drugs, which his mother took him off of when he was sent to live
with her.
II. Crimes Committed
Chase's first murder is different than the others he committed in that it was a drive-by shooting.
In December of 1977 Chase bought a .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol, and on the 29th he fired
the pistol out the window of his car while he drove by the house of 51 year old Ambrose Griffin.
Mr. Griffin was in the driveway unloading groceries with his wife, he was hit in the chest with
one of Chase's bullets and was killed. Chase was Institutionalized again for a short period at this
time after he was found by police covered in cow's blood. He was soon released however, and
only a month after his first murder on January 23 of 1978, he shot 22 year old Theresa Wallin,
who was 12 weeks pregnant, three time. She was found with her stomach slit open with some of
her organs missing, and there was a yogurt cup found in the house that Chase had used to drink
her blood . Just four days later he killed 38 year old Evelyn Miroth, her 6 year old son Jason, her
year old nephew her nephew David (Michael) Ferreira, and her friend 52 year old Daniel
Meredith by shooting them each in the head with the same .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol that
he had used in the...

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