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Ridley Scott was born in Northumberland England in 1937. His father was a Military officer in the Royal Engineers and his family traveled with him throughout England and Europe. When he was older Ridley wanted to join the Army but was encouraged by his father to attend West Hartlepool College of Art and the London's Royal College of Art. He later joined the BBC in 1962 where he got his first directing job on the British show Z Cars. After he was unhappy with his earnings at BBC he formed his own advertising agency with his brother Tony Scott where he would spend the next 10 years making British tv ads. Ridley Scott’s worldwide fame came after he was inspired by Star Wars and directed the low budget sci fi horror movie Alien in 1979. Ridley Scott then continued with the sci-fi genre directing Blade Runner “arguably the greatest science fiction film of all-time, and even the most influential, and not just of the last thirty years” (Thirty Years Later – Blade Runner). After watching Blade Runner (1982), Gladiator (2000), and Black Hawk Down (2001) I observed that Ridley Scott’s important signature elements were the use of info text at the beginning of his films the use of classical and emotional music as well as his stunning use of visuals all of which he personally envisioned by sketching most of his own storyboards.
In all three films, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and Blade Runner, Ridley Scott uses info text in their openings. In the first scene of Gladiator we read onscreen about how vast the Roman empire was at its height and then about how the emperor’s campaign against the Germanic Tribes was drawing to a close. In Black Hawk Down, Scott opens the film with a quote from Plato reading “only the dead have seen the end of war”. He then informs us on the horrors occurring in the Somalian civil war and the mission of the American soldiers to kill the ruling warlord. I think that Scott included these info scenes to give the viewer a better understanding of the context of the time period and to have something meaningful think about as the movie is just starting. Scott really has a need to give background info since most if not all take place far away and in a different time eras. In Blade Runner, it was critical to have an info scene because the film takes place in futuristic LA where there are cops called “blade runners” retire/kill genetically engineered humans called replicants. Without this background info the audience would be immediately lost.
A second aspect about Scott directing style that I noticed was his use of music. “Ridley Scott prefers the music in his films to be sweeping, bold, and classical. He often works with the same composers during stretches of his career. Be it Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, or his most recent collaborator Marc Streitenfeld” (Maidy). All three movies I saw have incredibly soundtracks that were not only used to set mood but to create extremely emotional and heartbreaking scenes. One of these powerful...

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