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Biography Of Steven Spielberg: The Best Director Of All Time

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Steven Spielberg is arguably the best director of all time! His unique movies have made him very successful in the list of all time directors. His expressive imagination makes him so unique from other directors. Blockbusters such as Jurassic Park or Saving Private Ryan helped him rise to the top.
Steven Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio. His parents were Arnold Spielberg and Leah Spielberg, who soon influenced the movies he would make. Surprisingly enough, Steven Spielberg was poor at school. Though, when it came to filmmaking, he was extremely talented. He would often become interested in new filmmaking techniques, just like his father, who would study techniques to get ahead in the field. Steven was Jewish growing up, which would soon help him make one of his best works. Many things, as he grew up, influenced his movies greatly, such as his fears or monsters he knew. His imagination was magnificent; he had many thought-provoking ideas. Steven’s beginning films were home movies that he would film with his $20, 8 mm camera. He would experiment with the camera, such as different lighting, different angles, and other techniques. It was like he was born to film! He soon had an obsession for making movies, especially movies that had the World War 2 theme to it. He even spent most of his free time and his allowance to satisfy his obsession for movies.
Along with that, he also watched a significant deal of movies as well. Through this, he taught himself about film. These were another factor that influenced on his works. Observing the movies he was seeing, he saw different ways to film; he experimented with a lot of things that made a movie impressive, such as the soundtrack. In high school, Steven wasn’t exactly the best guy. He even said, “I was the weird, skinny kid with the acne. I was a wimp.” (Woog 27) He then made Escape to Nowhere, which (unsurprisingly) won first prize in an amateur’s filmmaking contest. Though, growing up in high school was tough, as he was bullied for his Jewish culture. Soon, during a period of time, Steven stopped making films, and worked on his studies, improving his grades. His parents were unhappy with each other, and soon divorced. That following summer, he stayed with...

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