Biography Of Stevland Hardaway Morris Essay

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Rachel McMillan
English 9 Honors
1 April 2014
Stevie’s World
In the world, there are many people who run into obstacles that they say almost stopped them from doing what the wanted. One of these people is Stevland Hardaway Morris, or better known as Stevie Wonder. His story shows that no matter how hard the problem; to do what you believe in to accomplish what you never imagined. Stevie Wonder overcame blindness by teaching himself music, persevering through discrimination, and becoming one of the world’s most celebrated singers.
Wonder was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Mississippi. He was born six weeks prematurely and that was not healthy for him. He was put in an incubator for ...view middle of the document...

It shows that he is still able to perform tasks that a regular person would do.
Discrimination was a problem for Stevie Wonder. He is treated differently because he is black. This made the problem of being blind harder for him. But he did not care. Stevie Wonder stood up for what he believed in. As a child racism was bad against the African Americans. There jobs were tedious. He does not believe in racism. No matter what stopped him or happened, his opinion did not change. (Page 170 “Higher Ground” by Craig Werner)
Stevie Wonder did not cope with racism. He showed a man like him could have a voice. Some may not have taken him serious, because they did not think he was a big deal. He showed that he stood up for what he believed. He protested that the government treated African Americans wrongly. He was an activist and wanted blacks to rise up. He made the movement to have a day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and what he did. (Page 170 “Higher Ground” by Craig Werner) By doing this he rose up and showed that a blind black man could make a difference.
Stevie Wonder wanted to help his fellow African Americans.He helped by giving his advice. He said others were coming together as one to have more power in say so. He said the black mans’ problem was that they did not come together to make things better for the African Americans. (Page 170 “Higher Ground” by Craig Werner) He showed he knew what he was talking about; that he could see the problem, though he could not actually see physically.
Stevie Wonder has become one of the world’s most celebrated singers. Wonder has won Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, and many more awards. Wonder has won hundreds of awards from American Music Awards to Golden Globes. Most awards are for many different reasons as well. To specifically name some awards, there was the Golden Globe from 1985 for best original song, the Emmy award from 1986 for the billboard music award, and the...

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