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Biography Of Theodore Taylor Essay

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Theodore Taylor was born in North Carolina, and he thought of himself as strongly rooted in the “red clay” country by the Catawba River, even though he has worked and lived in many places throughout the world (Taylor). Growing up, his family was poor. He spent a bunch of time outdoors. Sometimes he went fishing with his father at the Hatteras Banks, a location that would eventually become the backdrop to his “Cape Hatteras Trilogy” of novels for young adults (Miller). Theodore also served during World War II. He first served as a cadet-AB seaman on a gasoline tanker, first of four merchant ships. He then became a naval officer in the Pacific Theater. A few months after the Korean War began; ...view middle of the document...

He took great delight in telling classes of young people how he had flunked math and had been a miserable student all the while flashing a huge smile at the teacher. His message came out loud and clear. Look what you can do. Look what you can overcome. He did. He loved the many teachers, librarians and booksellers who have supported him and his work over the years. He was ever grateful and never hesitated to day so (t. f. Taylor).
In 1984, Theodore spent the better part of a year researching the book The Cats of Shambala, about the life and times of Tippi Hedren and her big-cat compounds located in veldt-like terrain northeast of Los Angeles. It was a good year, allowing Taylor to enter the steel-fenced homes of lions, Bengal and Siberian tigers, cheetahs, cougars, and leopards, day and night; to meet and stroke some of the more friendly cats.
Walking around the compounds in total darkness, green eyes following his every footstep was a thrill to Theodore. At Shambala, he learned the plight of the Siberian tigers in China and Russia, almost erased from earth by poachers to supply body parts to be ground into powder for the Asian medical trades. He knew then that someday he would write about the bloody tragedy.
In 1991, deep-sea fishing off California’s Dana Point for shark, his longtime buddy, Ray Johnson, a longtime hunter, told him about the canned hunts. He had never heard of them and was shocked. The idea of zoos selling...

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