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Thomas Edison was an inventor. He enjoyed creating new inventions to share with the world. He soon started to pay more attention to his new bride, Mary Stilwell. They got married on Christmas day. They had two children, Madeleine and Charles. Yet Edison still preferred to work night jobs. Over the years, Edison produced a variety of phonographs for home use. Another invention that he developed was the electric pen.
Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio. When Edison was just seven years old his family moved to a house in Port Huron Michigan. He was constantly on the move. Even though Thomas was the youngest of the seven he still was brave. Magazine illustrations were published many years about teenage Edison saved a child from a train.
Over the years, Thomas Edison produced a variety of phonographs for home use. Another invention many people were very interested in and in need of was electricity. He was ...view middle of the document...

His mother’s name was Nancy Elliot Edison; she spent most of her time at the local school where she had become a teacher. She was dedicated to her job at school just as she was dedicated to her job at home.
Even though Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he still could relate to normal citizens and their problems with society Because of his past. He lived a life with tuff times, low money, and barley enough food for the whole family. Yet he constantly had something to do, whether it was to just simply think about everything going on in his life or try to create interesting ideas for the future.
Many people put Thomas Edison down and told him he wasn’t good enough for these inventions he had prepared for the world. Due to his success as an inventor, he soon realized how much he had to prove to the world. He had set many goals in life that he had planned to accomplish before he dies. He wanted more from other people. He wanted to know that he was appreciated, by what he has invented for the people of the time. Thomas was very quiet and kept to himself most of the time. He was never outspoken or over confident in his years as a young photographer.
Many people wanted to think as Thomas Edison as a normal boy who had no friends. But when he started his many years as a photographer and started to try new things, people had been surprised and soon proven wrong. Thomas Edison was way more than just a simple boy who was never creative or outgoing. He constantly had something interesting or new to share with the world. He wanted to be different and stand out, so he created things that were interesting yet new to the world. Many people, later on began to notice Thomas Edison talent.
Thomas Edison’s main purpose in life was to make enough money to create new inventions. He found out what the world was in need of then proceeded to invent it. As Edison once said ‘’ I want to save and advance human life… not destroy it ‘’ - Another famous quote of Thomas Edison’s was ‘’ I never pick up an item without having an idea to improve it’’

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