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Biography Of Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Thomas Jefferson:
I picked this author because i am one of those people who is very into literature but i am interested in history. Thomas Jefferson was very influential in our country's government. He was the third president of the United States and played a major role in the writing of the declaration of independence, the articles of confederation and then the constitution. As we know there has been lots of scandals in the White House through the year we have been this great country called america. We have our Bill Clintons and JFK's and we cannot leave out our third president Thomas Jefferson he had a few of his own as well this is what makes him very interesting ...view middle of the document...

When the Revolution began Thomas Jefferson had a seat in the Second Continental Congress, in Philadelphia, in June of 1775, where he was head of the committee who was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence. In Congress from November 1783 to May 1784, Jefferson laid the foundations of national policy, proposed decimal system of coinage which was adopted. He drafted the first ordinance of government for the western territory, which was adopted with changes in 1785. Jefferson also took a leading part in creating foreign policy, liberal commercial policy. In 1784 he was appointed to a three-man commission (with Adams and Franklin) to negotiate treaties of commerce with the European powers. In 1785 Jefferson became minister to France, but only for a short while. This gave Jefferson time to focus his commercial diplomacy on France. Jefferson thought that France offered political support for the United States in Europe and helped he free commercial system on which American wealth and power depended. While in France he decided to read indulge in art music and theater and on top of all that it gave him time to travel. He toured the south of France and Italy, England, and the Rhineland. "My God!" he exclaimed. "How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy. I confess I had no idea of it myself...." (Thomas Jefferson). By this he is saying that we need to learn to appreciate what we have because we have so much more than others.
In 1796 the Republicans made Jefferson their presidential candidate against John Adams. Jefferson became Vice President loosing by three electoral votes. When the "XYZ affair" threatened a war between the United States with France in 1798, Jefferson clung to the hope of peace and brought together the republicans.
During his life he also had a pretty juicy scandal. An affair with Sally Hemmings one of his house slave. We have found Jefferson blood in the Hemmings bloodline. This is a very controversial topic. Some think that it was one of his brothers but most think it was him. He died on July 04, 1826 in Albemarle County, Virginia, United States.

Historical Context
Thomas Jefferson was an author during the Rationalism literary movement that lasted from 1750-1800. Jeffersons writing was very thorough and explanatory because its purpose was to explain peoples right and to explain that america was a strong great independent country. This movement was very government oriented because it went from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution that we have now without all the amendments. Thomas Jefferson lived from April 13, 1743 to July 04, 1826 (Thomas Jefferson). The major event that happened during his life were the revolutionary war, declaring the United States independence, the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and Shays Rebellion.
England and the colonies...

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