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Biography Of Vincent Van Gogh Essay

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Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 in Holland. Van Gogh worked various jobs before becoming a theology student in Amsterdam. But because of both professional and personal failures Van Gogh decided to "comfort the humble" and he went to live and work in a mining community. While working and living in the mining community Van Gogh found himself drawn more and more to art. So in 1880 Vincent moved to Brussels and then to Antwerp to study painting. Van Gogh didn't start his career in art until he was 27. He soon began to follow the influence of impressionism and began his own style (Rewald 225). Throughout Van Gogh's life he battled with insanity, which could explain the painting of himself with his ear bandaged. It is thought that Van Gogh might have ate his lead paint which could have possible caused his insanity.
Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most influential contributors to the post-impressionist movement even though his paintings were not respected or accepted in his own time. Post-impressionism refers not to a collective style but to a time period, which falls between 1880 and 1910. Such a term as post-impressionism indicates the increasingly fragmented artistic scene that would come to characterize modern art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Stokstad 1039). During Van Gogh's final years he began to paint in a very expressionistic manner because of his heightened emotional state at the insane asylum. Van Gogh used these feeling to paint in a more emotional style than in a realistic style. This emotional state can explain some of his paintings like "The Starry Night". This painting was created while in the insane asylum and its seems like Van Gogh was already thinking about his death and about moving to a heavenly place above in the stars (
Vincent's painting style was like a child's painting with his simplicity of color and the roughness of his brushstrokes. He was greatly influenced by realism because he wanted to create what was actually there with his bright colors put on the canvas in a rough style (Rewald 228). Van Gogh was well know for his use of primary colors placed next to each other in large amounts that balance out as the viewer move back from the painting. Van Gogh's style for his self-portrait took after the style that Georges Seurat created called pointillism. Van Gogh would put the paint on the canvas using only a paint spatula so his painting would have a large amount of texture and these globs of paint were very much like the dots of paint Seurat used in his paintings ( In the self portrait of Van Gogh with his eat bandaged you can see the individual globs of paint which when placed next to each other give the painting texture. Van Gogh was also greatly influenced by Japanese art and added his interpretation of a Japanese print to his self-portrait in the background. Van Gogh used the...

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