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W.H. AudenWystan Hugh Auden was born in 1907 in York, England to George Augustus Auden, a distinguished physician, and Rosalie (Bicknell) Auden. He was educated at St. Edmund's Hindhood and then at Gresham's School, Holt, Norfolk. In 1925 he entered Christ Church, Oxford where his studies and writing progress without much success: he received a disappointing third-class degree in English and had his first collection of poems rejected by T.S. Eliot at Faber & Faber.In 1928 he moved to Berlin where he was first introduced to the psychological theories of Homer Lane.After returning to England Auden taught at a prep school, privately in London, at Larchfield Academy, a ...view middle of the document...

He was known for his vast range of intellect and the popular culture, current events and extraordinary variety of literatures, art forms and political theories that he incorporated into his work. He showed interest in Marx and Freud and he wrote passionately on social problems, in Look, Stranger! (1936).In 1935 Auden married Thomas Mann's daughter Erika Mann, a lesbian actress and journalist so that she could get a British passport.He then toured around China, Germany and Iceland, and served in the Spanish Civil war. These experiences he recorded in "Spain" (1937). In 1939 he moved to the United States, where his beliefs changed dramatically when his central preoccupation became Christianity and the theology of modern Protestant theologiansFrom 1954-1973 Auden became the Chancellor of The Academy of American Poets and divided his times between his residences in New York City and Austria. In 1965 he wrote a book of poems entitled 'About The House' which was techinically playful and intellectually sharp and witty with the poems in the book corresponding to the rooms of his Austrian house, his own ecological and biological boundaries.Auden also wrote opera librettos with the American poet Chester Kallman, who was only 18 when Auden fell in love with him, and who lived with him over 20 years. In 1972 Auden left New York and returned to Oxford, living in a cottage provided by Christ Church. He died of a heart-attack after giving a poetry reading in Vienna on September 29, 1973. Auden was buried in nearby Kirchstetten. Kallman died in 1975, penniless, in Athens.

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1939 words - 8 pages W.H. Auden'sLook, Stranger! (1936) is an extraordinarily transitional work. The second of Auden's three 1930s poetry collections, it lacks both the precociously distinctive voice that launched Auden to the forefront of his generation withPoems (1930) and the embarrassment of canonized riches in Another Time (1939). Yet as a major poet's record of growth in the midst of political crisis, and as a document from the endgame of modernism, it has few

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1130 words - 5 pages in The Complete Works of W.H. Auden: Prose: Volume II. 1939-1948, ‘A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.’” This is what he believed and lived by ( To conclude, Wystan Hugh Auden had discovered his talent in writing, which he had made a career of. Auden’s writing has been influenced by great poets. His writing reflects a clear understanding that his readers can relate to. He wrote about the

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1168 words - 5 pages one of the 20th-Century’s greatest poets, but also as one of its most prolific literary authors. Apart from his poetry, Auden wrote reviews, critical articles, and essays ranging from Greek literature and Icelandic sagas to modern poetry and fiction, folklore, children’s literature, psychology, religion, history, biography, light verse, and music. His influence can be compared only to the likes of Eliot, Yeats, and Pound. WORKS CITED Auden, W. H. Collected Poems. New York: Vintage International, 1991. Perkins, David. A History of Modern Poetry: Modernism and After. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1987.

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926 words - 4 pages W.H a famous poet with bright poems and a dark life. W.H was the the most influential and best poet of all time. It can be said that his poetry can be used to Calm minds and souls. He was also known as a playwright liberalist, editor and essayists. He generally was a major influence on succeeding generations of poets on Both sides of the world. (http// W.H was born in York, England in 1907 but he moved to

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