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CleopatraCleopatra was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. She was born into royalty and took over the kingdom when her father Ptolemy Auletes died, in the springtime of 51 BC. The law made it so that Cleopatra was forced to marry. So she married her brother Ptolemy XIII when he was twelve, however she soon dropped his name and didn't include him in anything. This was a bold move because of at the time a male was always supposed to be atleast a co-ruler. Just to show her people that she was the bigshot she put only her picture and name on the coins and ignored her brother.She was starting to scare people by her actions and in 48 BC she was overthrown from office, and forced to flee. Later that year Caesar showed up in Alexandria. He brought with him soldiers and it was obvious to everybody what his intentions were. Cleopatra saw this as an opportunity and had herself smuggled in through enemy lines rolled in a carpet. Then she was delivered to Caesar. Her and Caesar were lovers and it is thought that Caesar planned to maker her the ruler of Alexandria.After some wars and things Cleopatra ended up as the sole ruler of Egypt. Caesar must have had selfish motives for making her ruler, but Cleopatra's intelligence and inheritance did have some influence as well. She became pregnant rather quickly with Caesar's child. Caesar and Cleopatra then took a trip up the Nile for about two months. Caesarion was born on June 23, 47 BC.The following year Caesar returned to Rome and brought Cleopatra with her friends. This offended a lot of people. She didn't act the way that most people wished she would. She offended many. People were upset that Caesar and Cleopatra were planning to get married,...

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1659 words - 7 pages - archaeology/biography/cleopatra.html “Exploring the Underwater ruins of Cleopatra’s Palace.” Last modified May 26, 2010. Harold, Lindsay, Cate Henefin, Kerri Anton, and Kristen Duca. "The Influence of Context on the Leadership of Cleopatra." Christopher Newport University. Access March 31, 2014. i1 harold.pdf

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2698 words - 11 pages to Marc Antony in order to pay and feed his army. This situation would succeed in supporting Egypt's claim to being needed by Rome, if the movie and many other works did not forget that this gold should have been Rome's from the start. Once Caesar removes her brother Ptolemy, and places Cleopatra on the throne of Egypt, and simultaneously their affair begins, the debt to Rome is never spoken of again. This vindication is a justified reason for

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1718 words - 7 pages important aspect of this civilization is their geographical resources. This is why people chose to settle in this area in the first place."Egypt Today." Egypt Today. 1 May. 2009<>"Ancient Egypt." Ancient Egypt. 1May. 2009<>"Biography of Cleopatra" Cleopatra Biography. 1 May. 2009<>"Biography of King Tut

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877 words - 4 pages age that valued women's modesty. The French actress Sarah Bernhardt performed the role both in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra and in an extravaganza of costume and scenery created for her by Sardou. Gold and Fizdale, in their recent biography of Bernhardt, recount an incident from the London production: "After watching Sarah as Cleopatra, lasciviously entwined in her lover's arms, an elderly dowager was heard to say:' How unlike, how

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1729 words - 7 pages his less Roman patron, Dionysis. It also didn’t help that he was affiliated with Cleopatra. Octavian omitted any reference on the coinage of the triumvirate and started to prefix his name with “Imperator.” (Grant) He was implying that he would soon have complete power over Rome. Mark Antony joined forces with his love, Cleopatra of Egypt, and together turned against Octavian. War was declared on Cleopatra in 32 B.C. After escaping the Battle of

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2353 words - 9 pages not want to create a new rift with Philip so he readily admits "he had behaved imprudently" (36). With all of the family distractions, Philip tries to focus on his plans for the invasion. He does have one other family matter to take care of before he leaves. Philip fears that Olympias' brother, Alexander of Epirus, will not keep his allegiance with him since he divorced Olympias (36). He arranges the marriage of his daughter Cleopatra to Alexander

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2600 words - 10 pages time. Her name was Cleopatra. Cleopatra was next In line to the throne but her brother Ptolemy the eighth was the first on line to the throne so she could not attain the throne because of the natural order of things. Julius Caesar fell on love with the beautiful Cleopatra, and they had a son later called Caesarian. Also while in the country of Egypt he came across a bit of information pertaining to two generals of Egypt plotting to kill him

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1970 words - 8 pages just read or write, they also began disputation as well as studying the universe, dissected corpses, and calculated the terrain. The library was dedicated to the Muses; therefore: scientist, philosophers and artists used them as their inspiration. The halls and rooms were constantly filled with new scrolls on mathematics, physics, astronomy, natural science and many more. The antique library in addition had structured: gardens, reading rooms

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1166 words - 5 pages against rebellious tribes in Illyria. (Moulton, 1998) He embarked on his first military expedition against the Thracian tribe. Alexander took charge of the Companion Cavalry in 338. He aided his father in defeating the Athenian and Theban armies at Chaeronea. That union was short-lived once King Philip succeeded in his campaign to unite all the Greek states into the Corinthian League. Phillip married Cleopatra Eurydice, niece of General Attalus

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1788 words - 7 pages When an Egyptian Pharaoh is pictured, it is normally a person with a very elegant crown and well-designed clothing, but most importantly a Pharaoh is depicted as a man. In the history of Egypt, though, some Pharaohs were actually women, just like the case of Hatshepsut. There were other women rulers of Egypt, and when asked which one is most recognized, it is probably Cleopatra, but Hatshepsut deserves just as much respect as Cleopatra for the

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2010 words - 8 pages come from the coins that were minted for a very short time to celebrate Antony and Cleopatra’s uniting. On the face of the coin Cleopatra is pictured being “fleshy of face and hooked nosed”. This may have been true or it may have been, due to the artists lack of talent. (Shenkman webpg) Hellenistic coins on the other hand offer a more visually satisfying likeness. (George 961) It is thought that maybe the carvings of queens and pharaohs that are

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1466 words - 6 pages , but she was of Macedonian Greek descent. Her family had ruled since the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. (Watkins, Thayer H.) There is speculation on whether or not she has African ancestry. The remains of what is believed to be Cleopatra’s younger sister, Princess Arsinoe, were found in Ephesus, Turkey. DNA tests have proven that the remains of the person found had part-African ancestry. It remains unclear whether or not Cleopatra had

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1082 words - 4 pages presence of Caesar. Cleopatra was going to sway Caesar's decision with youth and vivacious wit to regain control of Egypt. She did it.Caesar's infatuation led him afloat a royal barge built for a queen, down the Nile on an excursion of luxury and privacy. Cleopatra would have been roughly twenty years old around the time she met Caesar. Cleopatra was young, exuberant and determined to keep herself as royalty, the way she liked it.Cleopatra was a

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1704 words - 7 pages take advantage of her because females are viewed as weaker than men. Especially since in those days a male child was more valued than a girl. Her guard had to always be up, while she had all the power in Egypt there were other people who had the same power as she. All in all Cleopatra was a powerful queen who left a meaningful impact on society. References/Bibliography "Cleopatra VII Biography." A&E Networks Television