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You may not think you know the name of John Osbourne but I guarantee you do. Now named Ozzy Osbourne, John was born on December 3, 1948 in Birmingham England. Ozzy grew up in a working class family and had to leave school at the age of15. After he left school, he began working many low-paying jobs, including a car horn tester, and a slaughterhouse worker. Soon after, he was not satisfied with his current income and unfortunately turned to petty crime. He would break into houses and steal things and often he would also hit stores. He was then imprisoned and it was in prison where he got the "O-Z-Z-Y" tattoo on his knuckles. Soon after he was released from prison, Ozzy decided to lead a new life and not commit crime anymore.He then came across an old friend who needed a singer for his band, and even though Ozzy had no experience in the music industry, he signed up immediately. Soon after however, he became a little too confident and decided he "outgrew" his friend's band and joined a number of bands. He finally found himself in a band called Earth, with Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass, Bill Ward on drums, and now Ozzy Osbourne for vocals. Earth soon discovered another band with the same name so they changed their name to Black Sabbath.Sabbath released their first album, entitled "Black Sabbath", on February 13, 1970 and immediately had a "cult" following in Britain as well as America. They then releasedtheir second album, entitled "Paranoid", in 1971. The title single became a radio staple and a heavy metal anthem. Sabbath followed up with the release of their third album ("Master of Reality"), fourth album ("Volume 4"), fifth album ("Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"), sixth album ("Sabotage"), and their seventh ("Technical Ecstasy"). As of this time, Ozzy married Thelma Mayfair and had 2 kids. Unfortunately for those kids, Thelma, and himself, Ozzy (along with the rest of the band) became seriously dependant on alcohol and cocaine. Ozzy was soon given the reputation of trashing cars and hotel rooms. While at home one day in 1976, Ozzy grew frustrated, and enraged. In anger, he shot a bunch of chickens he kept in a coop in the backyard. Because of this, rumors were started stating he tortured animals for fun. More rumors were started saying that Black Sabbath was involved in Satanism because of misinterpreted lyrics and occult imagery.In 1997 Ozzy's father died, causing him to leave Sabbath for a period before releasing their next album in 1978, entitled Never Say Die. Ozzy was becoming more and more uninterested in the band and stopped going to practices. When the "Never Say Die" tour ended, Iommi kicked Ozzy out of Black Sabbath, he was then replaced by the Ex-Rainbow singer, Ronny James Dio. After months of despair and drug and alcohol abuse, Thelma divorced him. Sometime later, he met Sharon Arden, who was the daughter of rock manager Don Arden, and she helped him turn his life around.Sharon had a great sense in business and she convinced...

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