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Biography On The Life And Achievements Of Euclid

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EuclidEuclid, an ancient Greek mathematician, once said to a king, "There's no royal road to geometry." By that he meant that there's no shortcuts to geometry. You have to work hard and learn it the long way. In this research paper I will tell you what made him famous and what he did.Very little is known about Euclid's life. One of the reasons is because he gets mixed up with Euclid of Megara, a Socratic philosopher. Another reason is because some of his work was destroyed in a fire. It is not sure where or when he was born, but it is believed he was born in Athens and lived from about 365 to 300 BC. He was educated there by the followers of Pluto.Most of Euclid's work was on geometry. To be more specific, he studied pi, prime numbers, and the number theory. He even tried to find the proof that there is no end to prime numbers. King Ptolemy let him build a school of mathematical. After Euclid build the school of mathematics he taught there for twenty to thirty years. Surprisingly, it was much like one of these days.One of Euclid's most famous books he wrote was called "Elements." It is the oldest Greek mathematical work to survive. It was translated, edited, and studied more than any other book, except the Bible. Over 1,000 editions have been published in various languages. The whole book was written in manuscript form and was first printed in 1482. It has 13 chapters, books or texts. It is called chapters in some versions and texts or books in other versions. Chapters one through six are on plane geometry. The next three chapters were on properties of integers. The 10th chapter is on incommensurable magnitudes. Finally, the last three chapters are on solid geometry. He devoted chapter two, five, seven, nine and ten, in whole or part, to the theory of numbers. The book "Elements" was the most influential Greek mathematical work ever. It was...

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