Biograpy Of Dwight David Eisenhower, Before President, Commander Of Ww2, Problems He Faces, And During Presidency

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"I like Ike," the famous slogan used for the Dwight David Eisenhower election, is what helped him become President. Dwight David Eisenhower was an incredible president. Serving in the military during many battles convinced him what it is like to be in a battle. Knowing what it is like to be a soldier is very important role in leadership. Eisenhower displayed great leadership throughout his presidency. He was the 34th president of the United States of America. Serving two terms, it was incredibly easy for him to gain President of the United States for his second term. As of any president, Eisenhower also ran across many problems. Does the average man know why Eisenhower wanted to became president, or his presidential terms? Confident to say, the average man or woman does not know these things.The highest office of the land would also be known as the White House, or down to the power of the White House, the President. What would make an ordinary soldier decide to run for President? Dwight would. Republican emissaries to his headquarters near Paris persuaded him to run for President in 1952. Before running for President, Eisenhower planned and led the attack on Omaha Beach, collectively, this attack was named "D-Day", on December 6, 1944. After the war, Eisenhower took supreme command of a new group of NATO forces near Paris. It was then that he was influenced to run for President. He also decided that he would like some new rules to be set. He desired a good change in America, a change that would affect all citizens of the United States.How would you like to stand before Russia's leader and ask to sign a truce, risking all possible consequences? Even for Eisenhower, this was not a difficult task, following the death of Joseph Stalin. This truce forced armed peace along the border of South Korea. Thriving to achieve world peace, he had to stop the hatred between Russia and the United States. Eisenhower had many problems, but this by far was not the worst. Heart attacks are not pretty when the need of your command is at its highest. One ordinary day, he suddenly suffered a heart attack in 1955. Having this heart attacked paralyzed his presidency temporarily until he was able to regain office. After this, he was closely watched at all times, in case of another heart attack, for days after. As stated, Dwight was concentrated on establishing world peace. He then developed a new plan called the "Atoms for Peace" program. The "Atoms...

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