Biological Basis Of Behavior Essay

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Biological Basis Of Behavior

Primary Behaviors of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is defined as a "devastating psychotic
disorder that may involve characteristic disturbances in
thinking (delusions), perception (hallucinations), speech,
emotions, and behavior (Durand and Barlow 443). This disorder
affects nearly 2.5 million people.

The symptoms of schizophrenia are usually divided into two
categories, positive and negative. The positive symptoms
include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech or
thinking, grossly disorganized behavior, and catatonic
behaviors, which means that you suffer from motor immobility
( Delusions are defined as a strong disorder
of thought and false beliefs of reality. There are five
categories of delusions. The first is persecutory in which a
person believes they are being attacked, harassed or conspired
against. For example, a person with persecutory delusions may
think that the government is spying on them. The second
category is grandiose delusions, which are defined as an
exaggerated sense of importance, power, and identity. For
example, a person may feel that they receive special powers from
God which gives them the ability to control things. The third
category is being controlled. This category of delusions
involves thoughts and feelings imposed from the outside. This
is sometimes referred to as "thought insertion." A person with
this type of delusion may feel that they are being controlled by
the devil or by a curse. The fourth category is somatic
delusions. These are defined as having false beliefs about
bodily functions such as having AIDS or being pregnant for three
years. The last category is jealousy which includes exaggerated
paranoias such as your spouse is cheating on you with the CIA.

Hallucinations are false perceptions. There are four
categories of hallucinations. The first is auditory which are
the most common. Auditory hallucinations are defined as hearing
voices or noises that don't exist. The second category is
visual, which is defined as seeing things that aren't there.
These hallucinations can be benign such as a flash of light or
scary such as monsters. The third category is tactile which are
hallucinations of touch. With these hallucinations the person
feels as if something is tickling them under their skin. The
last category is smells which are the least common
hallucinations. Often the smells are not pleasant.

The negative symptoms of schizophrenia are affective
flattening, alogia, avolition, and anhedonia. Affective
flattening is the lack of emotional expression. People who have
studied schizophrenia say that flat affect is like wearing a
mask. You can't show emotion when you are expected to (Durand
and Barlow 449). Alogia is described as poverty of speech or
decreased ability to formulate thoughts. Speaking to a person
with alogia can...

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