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Biological Basis Of Training And Exercise. (Water Polo Training Programs And Evaluation)

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1.0 SUMMARYLike any other, water polo requires an athlete to follow specific training programs in order to be successful. The following report contains a series of training programs designed by a student at the Girls Grammar School, Rockhampton, constructed with the intention of improving her overall performance at water polo. This report contains a thorough evaluation and analysis of the athlete's current performance, responses to the constantly changing programs, and her final performances.2.0 INTRODUCTIONThe main purpose in undertaking training is to improve the physiological capacity of an athlete and to bring about their best performance possible in their chosen sport. In order to train successfully the demands of the sport must firstly be identified and the athlete's current performance and fitness levels must be assessed. Using this information, a training program should then be designed and put into action.A profitable training program will incorporate a number of different concepts. These are 'Warm up', Conditioning phase' and 'Cool down'. Both the warm up and the cool down should include stretches to help prevent injury to the athlete. By implemented these concepts into a training program correctly with careful analysis beforehand, there is no reason why the athlete should not reach his desired performance if the training program is taken seriously and the athlete is prepared to put in a lot of his own time.The following training programs for this report have been designed after taking a series of fitness tests and concentrating on improving the athlete's performances in these - especially fitness components in which she received a 'fair' or 'poor' rating. Water polo requires a great deal of fitness and seen as these programs were designed specifically for this sport, even the components in which an 'excellent' rating was received were incorporated into the program.3.0 METHODBefore designing a training program it is important to assess your current fitness levels and work out what fitness components need the most improving. The tests that were taken to design this training program were a 20-metre shuttle test, a 40-metre sprint, sit ups, push ups, sit and reach, bend, twist and touch test, standing long jump, vertical jump, Illinois agility test, ball throw in water and a 25-metre sprint swim. These tests all tested certain fitness components such as flexibility, power, speed, aerobic capacity and many more. A rating was then received for each test so that it was clear what were the main components that needed to be incorporated into the training program. The training program was then designed, concentrating mainly on the components in which a 'fair' or 'poor' rating was received.The training program consisted of two pool sessions and one gym session per week. It was run for four weeks, which mean that overall four gym sessions were completed and eight pool sessions. After the completion of each session the...

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