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Biological Profile Essay

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This case contains partial remains of an individual discovered in Marin County. Each element shows varying stages of erosion as well as uniform discoloration of the elements (brown). The ribs are severely fragmented. Attached to the occipital on the left side is an attachment of fabric and wood possibly from the burial box. The central incisors and the lateral incisor of the left maxilla are missing. All other teeth are present in the maxilla and the mandible. Neither fibula are present and the right tibia is also missing. Various hand and foot bones are missing. In the vertebral column one thoracic vertebra is missing and another it is fragmented.
The skull of the individual expresses ...view middle of the document...

This is because se and ancestry are directly related in this method. There are four columns, two of which apply to male, the other apply to female. Again, a series of formulae are calculated to determine the ancestry of the individual. In this case, the two columns applying to male were use. The sum of the column estimating whether the individual is “white/negro” totaled to 34.7 and the other column estimating for “white/indian” totaled 14.08. Finally, these numbers are plotted on a graph. The x-axis is labeled as “white/indian” and the y-axis is labeled as “white/negro”. The pre-determined lines of the graph show where the individual lies ancestrally, once these points are plotted. In this case, our individual was still in the range of being white (Giles and Elliot, 1962).
Despite the estimation of the individual being estimated as “white” when using the Giles and Elliot method, the individual still appears to be more Asian/ Native American. It is very likely that the individual could be some type of ad-mixture, or of mixed ancestry.
FORDISC 3.1 was also used in the estimation of ancestry. FORDISC is a discriminant function program that analyzes skeletal measurements. This computer software program aids in the estimation of sex, ancestry, and height. In FORDISC a series of databases can be used to analyze cranial measurements. In this case the Forensic database classified our individual as ‘Chinese Male.’ The posterior probability for a Chinese male was .461, while the typicality probability was .407.
The individual was estimated to be approximately 171.97 cm in height.
When 171.97 cm is converted to inches, the estimated stature of the individual is 67 inches +/- 1.177 inches. That makes the individual approximately 5 foot 7 inches. When the prediction interval is added, the individual can be between 5 foot 6 inches to 5 foot 8 inches.
The regression model was used to...

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