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Biological Research: Global Warming Essay

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The most adored section of science is the biological study. Biology is vital to the society because it studies life, living organisms and all the aspects that are concerned with their well being. This section of science also studies the origin, evolution, structure, function and the growth of living organisms. This study deals with different aspects of life. The most studied section is the genetics (Rebecca Johnson, 2006).
Chimeras’ is mostly common in non-human zoology but also occurs in human though it is a rare phenomenon. This is an animal that has two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells originating in different zygotes during sexual reproduction. There are two types of chimeras that occur in human. The microchimerism, which results when a small part of the body posses cell line distinct from the other parts of the body. The Tetragametic chimerism results when two separate ova are fertilized by two sperms and produces two zygotes (Rebecca Johnson, 2006).
Due to medical complications, organs may be moved from one body to another or donor site for the purpose of replacing the damaged or absent organs. Apart from the organs, tissues are also transplanted. The organs that can be transplanted are the kidney, heart, lungs, liver, intestines, pancreas and thymes, the most transplanted organ being the kidney followed by the liver and then the lungs. The tissues that are mostly transplanted are the cornea and musculoskeletal grafts (Rebecca Johnson, 2006).
There are differences between Darwinism and Creationism, the main areas of difference being based on data and belief. Darwinism is scientifically oriented thought, it explains that living things have a common ancestors and evolution is what gives rise to new species. On the other hand Creation theory believes that God created humans and all the living things. The Darwinism is based on scientific methodology while the Creation is based on the Abrehemic religions (Rebecca Johnson, 2006).
Biologically the evolution of man is evidenced with several proofs. This evolution is proved with the similarities between the chromosomes of man and the ape family. The similarities prove that man actually evolved from the ape family. The changing postures that man adapts also acts as evidence for the biological evolution of man (Rebecca Johnson, 2006).
Toxic materials may be derived from pathogenic organism for the purpose of killing or incapacitating a host. These can be used as weapons biologically generated. They can be used to kill or injure people. Most of the biological weapons are generated from organisms like bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Small pox can be used as a biological weapon since it is fungal and spread very fast since it is airborne. This disease can be used to injure hence is a potential biological weapon (Rebecca Johnson, 2006).
Stem cells are derived from the living organisms’ tissues with an aim of research so as to treat diseases. They are derived from the...

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