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Analysis of the Impact of Science on Society
Science is an amazing wide discipline that encompasses physical, chemical and biological areas. Since time in immemorial, science has been at work. This is because science is the aspect of using technical knowhow to provide solution to problems facing mankind at different times on a day to day basis. In earlier days, man did things without knowing that what he was doing is actually science. However, the scientific processes and activities that happen without knowledge of man continue to be discovered and man is gradually harnessing each aspect of them to meet his needs. This effect has resulted to consequences that are both positive and negative. ...view middle of the document...

Though there has been criticism that the knowledge alone is not enough, studies are still going on to determine on how genetics can be altered to discontinue genetic ailments. The importance of knowing one’s genetic condition gives peace of mind and a society that is psychologically peaceful is more productive in all areas. In addition to this, the dynamics affecting human health are biologically examined and solutions also found using biological principles. It is the branch of biology that studies the dynamics of all living things to determine how these creatures and plants interact together. As new diseases continue to be discovered, the society’s health now entirely depends on the biological research effectiveness to bring forth medication that help in treating these diseases or preventing those which can be prevented. It can therefore be concluded that biological science is the backbone of the curative medical practice. Somebody may argue that this area falls under chemical science, but it is good to note that you cannot separate the work of the two sciences because the chemicals work on living things and you need to study the workings of these living things to know which ‘chemical’ to impose to the organism so that the organism can function properly.
Security is of a major concern in the present times. Elements defining security are taking different forms each day. Modern security agencies are dealing with security issues that are taking different perspectives. Generally, science has been in the forefront in developing high profiled weaponry. As physical and chemical scientists have been busy developing these weapons, biological scientists are also coming on board in developing biological weapons that have immense destructive effects. It is like all these sciences are in a competition of who produces the best weapon. These developments have resulted into diverse effects on the society. Firstly, the people who work on development of the biological weaponry are provided with direct employment. Governments involved in developments of these weaponries earn foreign exchange when they exchange the expatriates to allied countries, though this rarely happens because of the treaty signed in 1972 that prevented use and exchange of toxic weapons including biological ones. The development of biological weaponry has enhanced social security as well as reduced it. This is because the development has been focused on two ends; to defend the people making it and help counter enemies. The worst case happens when the weapons land in the wrong hands, especially when they land on terrorists’ hands. A lesson Americans learned since the attack was that anything was possible. Though biological weapons were mostly used in during colonial and world wars periods, it is highly suspected that still countries go on with the development programs to produce weapons of the same kind. This results from the fact that no monitoring measures that ensure member countries...

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