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Biological Signs Of A Killer Essay

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A person does not need to have acquired a doctorate in psychology to determine that there is something horrifically different about serial killers. Quotes from killers show this drastic difference, such as Ted Bundy who said, “What’s one less person on the face of the earth anyway?” (Scott 2). Or Charles Manson who, with seven simple words, disgusted and oppositely inspired millions by saying, “Death is the greatest form of love” (“Charles Manson”). It is inside these people where it is easy to be determined just how unstable the very fabrics of their genetic and brain codes are; many things can be genetically transmitted from parent to offspring through heredity; therefore, so can the ...view middle of the document...

The amygdala is involved in the procession of emotions such as fear, anger, and pleasure (Bailey). It is thought that this is based on what kind of emotional response an event would incite. Would this not point to the fact that if the orbital cortex did not do its’ job properly that something, for example, like someone fighting with their spouse should make that person feel anger but instead they feel pleasure in this? And in that pleasure a person inclined to violent tendencies would lash out? That is exactly what would happen if brains did not send the right signals to the right receptors. Brian Dugan, a man serving for murder and rape knows exactly this feeling. He said, “And I have empathy too--- but it’s like it just stops… I mean, I start to feel, but something just blocks it. I don’t know what it is” (Hagerty). The “something” that stops him from feeling is the orbital cortex’s inability to relate to the amygdala. Yet another few examples to support that certain of aspects of a killer’s brain, along with genes, can be the cause of how they act.
It can be argued that nurture, how a person is raised, can also play a significant part in how a child’s brain develops. Yes, there is no denying this is true, but what about one of the most prolific killers of all time? Jeffrey Dahmer had a normal childhood with “supportive family members” (Brogaard). Up until the age of fourteen, which is way past the impressionable age that stops at eight, Dahmer had an average childhood. He started with dismembering road kill until he moved on to raping and dismembering seventeen young men. It all started because his parents were divorcing… divorce happens every day, so why did it affect Dahmer as it did? One could say, it might just be in his brain to kill and that no matter the circumstances he would have killed and ate his victim’s preserved body parts. That being said, Dahmer took the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI); the results of which indicated that he was a deeply troubled man who was unable to control his impulses. He was unable to control the urges because he mentally and emotionally could not. “It is possible that someone may have a biological predisposition to commit violent acts, but may not develop such tendencies because the environment didn't serve as an appropriate trigger” (Arruda). What Dr. Arruda is saying is that, environment can serve as a trigger, but this is not always so. Sometimes...

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