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Biological warfare is a serious issue that we have to work now to prevent because if and when this situation ever arouse we would be in serious trouble and millions could die or be effected, first we have to understand what a biological weapon is and why we are so scared of them. What are the dangers? Where did they start and where are we going with this technology? These are all questions in which I will be answering to the best of my ability; this is a very diverse issue with many components. Overall, my opinion on BW is that of one to be prepared and when needed fight fire with fire. If we are to be threated then we need to be able to threaten back and if there was ever a moment where we needed to initialize a biological weapon to protect our country from imminent dangers than we need to have them and be able to effectively use them in a manner in which we could say that would not have adverse effects on anyone but the intended recipients.
Biological weapons are anything that can contain a living organism or viruses that are harmful to animals, plants or humans. These BW (biological weapons) are used as an act of war in extreme cases. Normally this type of warfare is used to get an advantage over your opponent. The scare of the possibility of someone who is capable of wiping out nearly your entire population in one fail swoop is enough most of the time to have a negotiation to resolve the issues you were having that caused things to get to BW. There are many dangers to BW, including but not exclusive to death, mass casualties, infection of our food and natural resources. This is a very scary topic seeing that we could fall victim to BW and not know until it is too late and we start showing signs.
One of the first well known uses of BW was in the Second World War; WW2 was a time of great despair and deaths. Unlike many would think it was not the United States who actually was the first to use this type of warfare, although we and Britain had very advanced systems and knowledge about this area. Actually it was the Japanese who bombed the Chinese with fleas infected with the bubonic plague. We have come a long way from that time; we as a world have mostly come together and know now that BW is wrong and dangerous and affects many more then those whom it was intended for. For example if the BW anthrax was intended to be used and a mistake happened at a facility in which it was being made or cultivated the processing country could be wiped off the map because of one...

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